Our fees and how they work for you:

There’s no upfront fee to start using Patchwork. You don’t even have to sign up to try. So just go and play.

If you use our site to invite friends to contribute time and skills then our service is totally free.

We only make money if you use Patchwork to collect cash with a 3% commission on contributions. If you’re in the UK, VAT is added so that’s 3.6% in total.

We currently use PayPal to process transactions and they also charge a 3.4% commission plus a 20p transaction charge on each contribution.

So if a friend gives you a £100 contribution you’ll receive the full amount directly into your PayPal account at which point both fees will be deducted, leaving you with £92.80.

So that’s a total of 7% commission on each transaction through our site. Plus 20p.

Why we’ve chosen commission:

We’ve chosen a commission model for our business because we think it’s the fairest and simplest option.

  • With no upfront fee, if you don’t collect money through our site, we don’t make any.
  • You can try Patchwork to see if you like it before you commit.

Why we partner with PayPal:

Partnering with PayPal means you get cash contributions direct to your PayPal account. You can collect money from friends and family all over the world, in any currency, easily and securely. And with instant access to your own funds, you can withdraw them whenever you’re ready.

How we compare to crowdfunding platforms:

Patchwork is a bit like a crowdfunding platform and our total fees at 7% (including PayPal) are comparable to Just Giving, Kickstarter and others. The difference is, with Patchwork you’re inviting family and friends to contribute towards a special gift or experience, rather than asking strangers to donate towards a fundraising goal. And whilst crowdfunding platforms hold your funds until a set target is reached, we don’t. Instead all cash contributions go directly to you and whatever money you raise is yours.

Reasons to use Patchwork:

Because you want to remove the embarrassment of asking for (and the awkwardness of giving) cash instead of gifts.

Because the idea of a company holding your funds makes you nervous and you want a 100% guarantee your money is secure and accessible to you anytime you need it.

Because you want the experience of giving money to be easy, fun and personal for your friends with a chance for them to add photos and messages with their gifts.

Because you don’t want to wait until your page is closed after the event to receive your cash. Instead you want to put down deposits, pay off credit cards or book items and experiences as cash contributions come in.

Because you want a honeymoon fund that is independent of travel agents so you can book your honeymoon however you like.

Because you want a stylish honeymoon fund with beautiful templates to customise and the ability to add your own words and images.

Because you want to have an easy way to keep track of contributors, gifts and messages in your account.

Because you want to send photos of you enjoying your experience, with digital thank yous or proper printed postcards.

How we compare to other honeymoon funds:

We believe Patchwork is the best option for stylish, savvy couples. But because we know our users like to be well informed, here are three alternatives:

Buy Our Honeymoon

Buy Our Honeymoon does what it says on the tin and is equally upfront about its £55 to register. If you want to receive cash gifts direct you do need to pay either a 3.4% PayPal or 1.4% Stripe commission on top of this set up fee.


Prezola is a traditional wedding list that primarily sells nice homewares. But it does also have a honeymoon fund for couples who’d like financial contributions to go with their crystalware. Prezola charge a registration fee of £59 and also hold your funds.

John Lewis

British institution John Lewis has a partnership with multi-national travel company Kuoni to allow guests to contribute towards one of their honeymoon packages. Guest contributions will be held securely and transferred to Kuoni when the gift list closes - usually two weeks after the event. So this is a good option if you already plan to travel with Kuoni, know where you want to go, are confident your guests will be able to cover the costs of the trip and are happy for any excess contributions to be refunded in John Lewis gift vouchers.

How we compare to asking for cash direct:

There are cheaper ways of getting cash. If you want to avoid all fees you can ask friends to make a bank transfer, write a cheque or put gift money in an envelope for free.

But these options can be costly too!

Most people understandably feel awkward asking for money from friends and family in this way. And friends and family can feel embarrassed and often offended by the request. After all, you’re celebrating a special life event and asking directly for cold, hard cash can feel brutal.

Common concerns from friends and family include:

  • Questioning what the money will be used for
  • Feeling embarrassed about how much to give
  • Disappointment at not being able to choose their own gift
  • Worrying that money transferred to your bank will go unnoticed or be spent on bills
  • Confusion about who to write cheques out to and in what name
  • Concern that cash in envelopes will be lost on the day

On average, people prepared and able to gift money in this way will spend £50, while those who cannot afford to give this amount will avoid the embarrassment by ignoring the request altogether. Then a large proportion of people will choose an alternative present themselves.

Although there’s a cost involved in using Patchwork as a honeymoon fund or cash gift list, people who use our site collect more funds overall than those who ask for money direct, because everyone feels inspired and able to contribute something. Gift givers get to see what their money is going towards and can choose exactly which piece of the gift or experience to treat you to. They can also contribute whatever they can afford and transfer their funds easily and securely. Then they can leave their address so you can send them a proper thank you along with photos of you enjoying their gift.

How our fees work for us:

Patchwork is run by a small team based in London. We are committed to delivering the best service possible to our users and at the same time treating our own people fairly. Our commission allows us to build a sustainable business and keep our biscuit tin stocked.