Moira Tait

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Brockley, London SE4
The Brockley Max is a free arts and music festival that runs from 1st-9th June 2018 For more information visit


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Dave Anderson

Let me know what events are on what days and will help if I can.

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Maggie Butler

Really looking forward to this fab local event. I'd love to support on the arty stuff in the park.

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Davide Pluchino

Hello BM, I have a rock band and would love to play at our amazing festival! Our name is "Round River" , our values are friendship, fun, independence, freedom, wine. Our influences are Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine, Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood so we can put up a pretty energetic show! We will unfortunately be available only from friday the 8th to Sun 10th of June due to previous work commitments, hope we can make that work. Looking forward to it! Cheers Davide

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Olivia Knight

Hooray! Love the Brockley Max so very happy to help. Livx