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Charlie, Laura & Jake Cresswell & Wood

Congratulations Gigi & Oli, have a great honeymoon. Love from Charlie, Laura & Jake XXX

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Alison & Paul Starr & Cresswell

Congratulations to a lovely couple. Best wishes for your future happiness together. Love from Alison & Paul XX

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June Evans

Dear Olly & Gigi, congratulations on your marriage. What a gorgeous couple you make. We hope you have an amazing holiday. Best wishes June & Philip xx

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Sarah Pullen

Hi Gigi & Olly thank you for sharing your wedding day pictures & video it was a lovely surprise you looked beautiful Gigi and both so happy with family and friends around not easy to arrange any small occasion in these difficult times. I don’t know if your planned honeymoon will take place on the date you had arranged but then or later I know you will have a wonderful time and make special memories love and best wishes Sarah & David XX

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Folu Fabikun

Congrats Gigi and Olly! So Happy for both you as you begin this beautiful chapter as a married couple

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Jane Howell

Congratulations to you both, with love from the Howell’s

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Annette Reynolds

Congratulations on your special day Honeymoon next! Have an amazing adventure. Looking forward to share a celebratory glass of bubbly with you both, Lots of love and hugs, Nette and Steve,❤️❤️

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Alexandra Bryan

Gige and Ol, today is the day I get to see you become husband and wife and my heart is so full of love for you. HAPPY WEDDING DAY YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

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Malcolm Tarrant

With all our love, kisses and hugs. ENJOY. You sooo deserve it. Grandad and Baggy xxxxxx

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Cindy Chapman

The Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru hold special memories for us - I hope they will for you both too. Happy Honeymoon! With much love Cindy & Malcolm

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Alexandra Baddeley

Congratulations Olly and Gigi! We are so happy for you. Have a wonderful honeymoon celebrating!! We can’t wait to see the pictures!! Love, Alex and James xxx

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Isabella Fateh

Dear Gigi & Olly, We hope you manage to get away for your honeymoon soon! Whether it is in November or sometime in the future, it will be just as special and fun! Thinking of you lots and sending lots of love, Issy & Jonny x

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Paul and Julia Cox

Happy Honeymoon! Lots of love from Mum and Dad C XXXX