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Anthony & David

Dear Jesse & Amara, wishing you lots of luck and happiness on your journey together! See you in a couple of weeks xxxx

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Mum & Dad

We hope your honeymoon is as magical as you two. Love always xx

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Dipa Mavjee

Wishing you both so much love and happiness on your wedding day and always. Tell Leo I'm already planning lots of long walks 🐾

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Odette and Martin Lloyd

It had to be something to do with food! Have an amazing time, can't wait to see the photos 💕 Love from Odette, Martin and the kids xxxxx

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Rob & Siama

Wow this looks amazing! Wishing you both an absolutely outrageously good wedding day and out of this world honeymoon! Enjoy dinner on us xxxx

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Sophie & Gavin

Huge congratulations to you both... we can't wait to celebrate with you! With all our love xxxxx