We are Patchwork

Ismay, Liv and Kim

What we do

Patchwork enables people to celebrate each other at important milestone occasions - from weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs to new babies and new businesses. And we’re also here to help you collectively support your friends and community too - whether that’s organising a family funeral, care for a neighbour, a local fundraiser or school fair.

With Patchwork you can invite people to fund unique gifts and experiences - from honeymoons to handbags, campervans to cookery classes, beehives to memorial benches. Or ask people to donate their time or their talent towards a present, party or project.

See all the ways you can use Patchwork here.

Ismay, Liv and Kim
The Patchwork studio

Why we do it

We want to revolutionise the way people give. We want to inspire people to show their love for each other in ways that are creative, collective and resourceful. We want to enable people to celebrate and support each other with gifts and experiences that are really appreciated. And at the same time we want to reduce the amount of unwanted gifts that end up in landfill.

You can read more about our mission here.

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How we work

We’re a women-run business based in London and, while our platform can be used by people all over the world to collect gift money in almost every currency, being based in the UK matters to us. Not in a nationalistic sense - we’re not big on borders. But because unlike so many big businesses we’ve decided not to outsource our tech to China or our customer service to India. Instead our team work from home and are paid properly for our labour. We’re proud to have built a sustainable business that treats people fairly and is also committed to giving 50% of our fees to environmental charities fighting for the future of our planet.

Read more about our fees here.

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The Patchwork studio

Who we are

We’re a super talented team bringing expertise from across tech, finance and creative industries, so we have wide ranging interests from AI to art and anthropology. But we have lots in common too - like being parents, having too many pets, worrying about the planet, eating all the crisps and being obsessed with Lizzo and Grayson Perry. And the one thing that unites us above all else is our belief in our collective power to do good.

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What we believe

We believe that while individuals can change the world, only together can we make it better. As a growing company we’re really excited about the impact we can make together with our Patchwork community and our charity partners. Research has shown it only takes 3.5% of people to take action to bring about real change. If 3.5% of engaged couples in the UK used our gift registry next year we’d be able to donate £218,750 to our chosen charities. If 3.5% of people used Patchwork to organise a birthday gift we’d be able to donate £8.4m to protect our planet! That really would be something worth celebrating.

You can read more about our environmental charity partners and how Patchwork gives 50% of our fees back to the planet here.

If you want to get in touch you can contact us here.

Picture of 60's revelers

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