What we do

Give Together

Patchwork is a global platform that lets friends contribute cash, time and skills towards a group gift or event.

You can use Patchwork to organise all sorts of celebratory occasions - from weddings and baby showers to surprise birthday parties - and collectively fund all kinds of unique gifts and experiences - from honeymoons to handbags, campervans to cookery classes and bikes to beehives.

What our customers think

Charlotte and Same
“Having lived together for a while, we didn’t feel like we wanted traditional wedding gifts – but we really wanted to treat ourselves to an amazing honeymoon. I found Patchwork and loved the whole concept! We can’t believe how generous people have been”

Charlotte & Sam - Honeymoon Fund

Charlotte and Same
Hannah and Otis
“We live in a small London terrace, so I really didn’t want friends bringing more random gifts that Otis didn’t necessarily want just cluttering up the place. I’ve been to so many kids birthdays and hate buying things that I’m not sure the kid (or the parent) will like. It feels like such a waste. I also didn’t want parents to feel that they had to spend a certain amount, so I loved that people could contribute £2 upwards.”

Hannah & Otis - Birthday Bike

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How it works

Fund, Make, Do

By creating a patchwork, you get to share an idea for a special gift, experience or event as a collection of images so your friends can see the plan and choose how to help make it happen.

You can customise one of our many template patchworks or start your own from scratch using our gorgeous gallery and your own images. Just like adding pins to a Pinterest board, you get to give each image a title and description, but with patchwork you also assign an action to each image, so friends can see what you’re asking them to fund, make or do.

Funds given via Patchwork go direct to your PayPal account, for you to spend when and where you like. And all of the things people choose to fund, make and do are recorded in your Patchwork account, so you can keep track of contributions and send thanks when you’re ready. For more information see How to create a patchwork and How to give a gift and also Our fees and how they work for you.

What the press say

“The gift list innovators. Patchwork removes the
stigma of asking for cash”

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“Patchwork is leading the trend
for collaborative wedding funding”

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Why we do it

Want not waste

Our ambition for Patchwork is simple. We want to revolutionise the way people give. We want to inspire people to show their love for each other in ways that are creative, collective and resourceful. We want to enable people to celebrate special occasions with gifts and experiences that are really appreciated. And at the same time we want to reduce the amount of unwanted gifts that end up in landfill.

Who we are

People power

Patchwork is an independent business based in London. Our super talented team bring expertise from the across the tech, finance and creative industries, so we have wide ranging interests from AI to art and anthropology. But we have lots in common too - like being parents, having too many pets, worrying about the planet, eating all the crisps and being obsessed with Beyonce and Brian Cox. And the one thing that unites us above all else is our belief in our collective power to do good.

While individuals can change the world, only together can we make it better.

If you want to get in touch you can contact us here.