Where we started

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Liv had been with her partner Laurie for over ten years when they decided to get married. They had two kids already and weren’t exactly nest building. So when it came to wedding gifts they didn’t need department store stuff. All they really wanted was help to fund the family honeymoon to Cuba that they were all dreaming of. And so the idea of Patchwork was born.

And when Liv met Commercial Kim and Tech Jay, while working at environmental charity Do The Green Thing, she decided to take the leap and make it happen.

The Birth of Patchwork

When we launched our prototype site in 2013 Patchwork was a new experience in gift giving. But, as Liv’s Nan kindly pointed out at the time, it was ‘not a new idea.’

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“It’s a whip round love. We’ve always done that. Except we used to have a hat.” Vera, 88. Brand Guru.

And of course Vera was right, Patchwork was and is based on an old fashioned principle. Like a traditional whip-round, our platform lets you collect money from friends and family towards a much-wanted gift or experience. It’s just that our digital version is not only more efficient and secure but also more creative, personal and fun than throwing some cash in a hat.

And now it’s even better.

In the last two years we’ve had brilliant feedback and some truly excellent ideas from our community – like the idea to use Patchwork to contribute not just cash but also time and skills towards making something amazing happen.

So that’s the new plan.

What we do

Patchwork is now a global, mobile platform that allows people to invite friends to contribute cash, time and/or skills to make something amazing happen – piece by piece.

You can still use Patchwork to collect cash contributions towards your honeymoon – with wedding guests choosing whether to buy a night in a hotel, a romantic dinner or just a few beers on the beach.

But you’ll also be able to organise a surprise birthday party, hen do or baby shower – including things in your Patchwork that need to be paid for like the venue, made in advance like the cake and things that need to be done on the day like blowing up balloons.

Why we do it

Our ambition for Patchwork is simple. We want to revolutionise the way people give. We want to inspire people to show their love for each other in ways that are creative, resourceful and collaborative. We want to enable people to celebrate special occasions with gifts and experiences that are really appreciated. And at the same time reduce the amount of unwanted gifts that end up in landfill.

Who helps makes it happen

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