Ami Lowman

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Bethan Hyde

We are so excited about your big day, and can't wait for it all to begin. We wish you all the happiness in the world, and looking forward to sharing many more happy memories and times with you both. Love Bethan, Jasper and Freya xxx

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Lisa Perry

Dear Ami & Max - wishing you both a truly amazing honeymoon! Congratulations and wishing you a lifetime of happiness together! All our love and hugs from Lisa, Shaun, Lottie Lou & Harry xxxxxxx

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Kate Reid

Dear Ami & Maxwell. Here's to a life full of love and happiness! We hope you enjoy making friends with the gentle giants. With love from all at Making Space! (Kate, Lynne, Deryn, Kathryn G, Richard, Agata, Tracey, Sarah M, Catharine R)

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Lacey Hunter-Felton

Dearest Ami and Maxwell, the Boys and i hope you have a beautiful honey moon. Congratulations on a stunning wedding and beautiful future life together. Lots of Love, Liam, Lacey & Gene xxx

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Filiz Umit

A couple of little extras to help along the way! xxx

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Filiz Umit

We love food & we know you love food! Who doesn't love food?! Have the best honeymoon you beautiful pair & enjoy every minute of your adventure! Lots of love, Filiz & Dan xxxx xxx

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Amelia Buckley

Dear Ami and Max, Really looking forward to your Special Day, it won't be long now! Wishing you both not only a lovely day but a long, happy and wonderful life together. I truly believe that you are made for each other. Enjoy your Wedding Day and cherish the memory of it forever. Congrats and best wishes for your future life together. Love from Amelia. xx

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Julie and Andy White

Congratulations. You two were made for each other. Wishing you many happy years together.

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Joyce Gregory

To speed you on your way! Much love and tons of good wishes for a very happy future together. John and Joyce xx

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Natalie Taylor

We hope you have a fantastic honeymoon can't wait to see the pictures, love the Taylor's xx.

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Lynn Lowman

Congratulations! Thank you for inviting me to your wonderful wedding and I hope you enjoy your trip to the temple. Lots of love, Nannie Meg xx

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Maxwell Hyde

A self indulgence never hurt...!

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Pieter Verburg

This should bring you about 2000 miles further (according to a quick google search and calculate exercise). Remembering eating fish and chips on a pebble beach with Max and Marcel in 2010, a well deserved beer on a (warmer!) beach the other side of the world, is a....must have. Enjoy to the fullest, Hug, Pieter