A Bar Mitvah Gift List Patchwork

Build your Bar-Mitzvah gift list with Patchwork.

Are you organising your son or daughter’s bar or bat mitzvah? With Patchwork, you invite friends and family to contribute cash towards a special gift, experiences, or future savings in a way that's easy, personal and fun. Show friends and family things that are really wanted and together they help make it happen.

A Bar Mitvah Gift List Patchwork
    Customise a Bar / Bat Mitzvah template to share with friends.
    Invite friends to contribute money, time or skills.
    Collect cash gifts direct to your PayPal and/or Stripe account.
    Keep track of contributions and send thanks.

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Editing a patch within a bar mitzvah patcthwork

1. Create your patchwork

Browse our many unique gift ideas and choose a readymade template to customise. Or create your own ‘wish list’ from scratch. With Patchwork you can invite friends and family to fund physical gifts, pay for much wanted experiences or contribute time and skills. A patchwork of images shows them the things you’d like them to fund, make or do. For example, if you’re celebrating your child’s bar or bat mitzvah, and know there are a few things they’d especially love, you could include options for people to contribute £36 towards music lessons, £54 towards a summer trip, or even ask someone to bake a cake for the party or help decorate the venue.

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2. Collect gift money

Patchwork is not tied to any suppliers and we don't hold your funds. Instead gift money goes directly into your PayPal account or your bank account via Stripe so you can spend it when, where and how you like. It's free to sign up to Patchwork, we only make money when you receive yours - with a 3.6% commission on contributions you receive. You can compare partner fees here.

Patchwork Commission 3.6% + Payment partner fees on funds received
Contributing to a patchwork with PayPal or Stripe
Saying thank you to your contributors.

3. Say thank you

It's super easy to keep track of gifts and messages from friends and family. So when your child has enjoyed their gift or experience, you can upload photos to your account to send along with a thank you message to the family and friends who helped make it happen. You can also send printed thank you cards using our 30% discount with our friends at Moo.

With customisable templates and a gorgeous image gallery, it's easy to set up your Patchwork Bat/Bar Mitzvah page. The Pinterest-style layout and mobile friendly shopping experience makes it easy and fun for friends to contribute, too.

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Hear From Happy People:

Sadie's Photography Course

Sadie's Photography Course
"I was so happy that all my friends and family helped me pay for a photography course for my bat mitzvah. I love taking photos so this was the perfect present."

Jake's Travel Fund

Jake's Travel Fund
"For my bar mitzvah everyone gave me money so I could save for my trip next year. I can't wait to go diving when I'm there!"

Miriam's Bar Mitzvah for Her Son

Miriam's Bar Mitzvah for Her Son
"I used Patchwork to organise my son's bar mitzvah, asking everyone to help me make the party amazing. Friends chipped in by making babka, helping with decorations and all sorts of things. It was a big success!."