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10 Super Cute Baby Shower Ideas

by Ismay Ozga

We love baby showers. There are few occasions in life that are so full of love and excitement. And cute baby things. If you’re organising a shower for one of your bezzies we’ve got some ideas you’re going to want to steal. Take it from us, if you include just one of these in their shower, you’ll have a lovely day. Do them all and you’ll go down in history as the best mate ever. So get your organising-head on and take some notes:

Beautiful blooms

Fill your venue with fresh flowers. This is a foolproof way to make the occasion feel super special. Get friends to help you gather the parent-to-be’s favourite flowers from the market and arrange them around the place – it will look and smell incredible.

Make a delicious non-alcoholic drink

Invent a fresh and fruity non-boozy drink for the occasion and name it after your bestie. We love a refreshing cucumber + mint limeade, but why not do a bit of experimenting yourself with different juices – you can’t really go wrong.

Throw an outdoor picnic

Picnics make for a practical and relaxed baby shower (weather depending!) with enough room for everyone to spread out and for big kids to run around. Just head to a local park, or ask a friend with a nice garden if you can use their space. Keep things casual by asking friends to bring a blanket and a dish, then make your little area feel special with balloons, twinkling lights and pretty decorations. Don’t forget to bring a garden chair and lots of cushions for the pregnant person in case they’re not comfy sitting on the ground.

Baby shower planning patchwork
Baby shower biscuits by Tuck Box

Baby themed snacks!

Like these incredible baby biscuits by the genius Tuck Box Cakes. Order enough for everyone and they will be amazed by their beauty. Or if you’re a star baker, whip out your whisk and make some little cakes of your own. We’re not huge fans of the whole pink for girls and blue for boys thing – why not make some in your friend’s favourite colour instead. Or a nice gender-neutral yellow.

Go polka-dotty

If you’re struggling to come up with a fun theme, polka-dots are always a winner. It’s a bright, cool alternative to pastels and you can incorporate it into the day in lots of ways. Buy polka dot straws for your drinks, dotty napkins, and huge clear balloons filled with confetti.

Baby shower planning patchwork
A Subtle Revelry

Bring out your inner-artists

There are tons of baby shower games to keep everyone entertained, but this activity might be our favourite. Buy a bunch of plain white baby-grows (in a range of sizes so baby has something to grow into) and some waterproof fabric pens, and get everyone to sit down and draw a design. It’s a chance for everyone to get creative, plus they’re lovely for the new parents to keep as mementos.

Baby shower planning patchwork
Chloe’s Baby Shower – Hooray Mag

Snap a photo

Ask everyone to write down a message for the baby to read when he or she grows up. Then get them to hold it up while you take a photo. You’ll get instant results with a Polaroid camera, but if you don’t have one just get them printed and put them in a little box for your friend to keep.

Chip in for a big gift

Club together for an expensive item

If you know there’s one thing (a pram, cot, or sling) that the new parents really need but haven’t wanted to splash out on, get everyone to chip in. With Patchwork you can show everyone the gift, collect cash contributions, then buy it where you like, ready to wrap up and give to them on the day.

Baby shower planning patchwork
Send notes in the post

Send a baby shower in a box

Finally, if your best mate doesn’t live close to you, you can still show them you love them by creating a ‘baby shower in a box’ and posting it out to them to open while you Zoom. Fill the box with homemade cookies, handwritten notes, pre-decorated babygrows and all the other fun things you’d have if you were to celebrate in person. Although the ombre mocktails might not travel too well.

Patchwork Baby Shower Fund

Get everyone involved

As with all events, organising a baby shower is way more fun and much easier if you get friends involved.

Just use Patchwork to show everyone the plan and ask them to help. You can customise our baby shower patchwork or create your own from scratch uploading your own photos and using images from our gallery. Then write descriptions telling everyone what you want them to help you to make and do. Friends can then click around the patchwork and choose whether to do the decorations, make a cake, bring a dish or pick up the parent-to-be and bring them to the venue. With Patchwork it’s easy to keep track of who’s doing what in your account. And once the day rolls around, your friend will have the best baby shower ever, knowing that everyone helped make it happen.

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