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5 Super Colourful Wedding DIYs

by Ismay Ozga
colourful diy wedding patchwork

If you’re planning a super colourful celebration, we salute you. Sure, we love classic pastel shades and glittering metallics, but as you might be able to tell from the Patchwork instagram account, bright and cheerful decor has our hearts. We’ve found five dazzlingly bright DIY projects from around the web that you can get stuck into for your big day. Not so crafty? Get your friends involved for a bit of DIT – Do It Together.


1. Polish Hanging Chandelier

This DIY by Oh Happy Day will definitely make your day happy. These chandeliers are called Pajaki – a traditional Polish folk craft, “Pajaki” means “spider of straw” and traditionally have 8 strings coming down. Hang a few to make a ceremony backdrop or place one over your dessert table. Find out how to make it here.


2. Good Vibes Balloon Backdrop

This is the perfect message to have on the wall of your venue – use it as your photobooth backdrop to spread the good vibes. If you’re really not much of a crafter, this is for you – all it will take is a good set of lungs and a lot of patience. Each balloon has to be just the right size! Here’s how to make it.


3. Confetti Boxes

These colourful confetti boxes double as decor for your ceremony space – just fill them up and hang them from everyone’s chairs so they’re ready to throw when you make your exit. Confetti and decor in one! Double the fun. Find the instructions here.


4. Paper Leaf Tree

This DIY from House That Lars Built is a cheap but impactful way of transforming your space – it’s intended for a child’s nursery but we think it would work perfectly in the right venue to add a touch of fun. All you need to do is head to the park to find some branches, then start cutting those leaves. More instructions here.


5. Ombre Leaf Backdrop

Getting married in Autumn? This DIY is a super eco-friendly, fun way to brighten up your space. Collect some fallen leaves, get painting, then arrange them in a pretty pattern on a spare white wall. It’ll make the perfect backdrop for photos. Find out more details here.

If you’re thinking of planning a full DIY wedding, use our DIY wedding template to make your life easier – this way you can ask friends and family to help with all of the elements of your day and they can choose how to lend a hand. Whether it’s making the cake, doing the DJing or even helping you create one of these brilliant DIY projects.

First image: Patchwork Couple Natalie & Daley by www.claretamim.co.uk

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