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5 Reasons to go on a Great British Road Trip

by Ismay Ozga
Great British Road Trip Patchwork honeymoon fund

Couples use Patchwork to collect cash wedding gifts towards honeymoons all over the world. But last summer we noticed a new trend – adventurous newlyweds using our site to fund honeymoons around the UK.

If you’re planning your honeymoon but aren’t sure you’re ready for the long-haul, why not organise something a little closer to home? Far-flung beaches and exotic sights, sounds and cultures are wonderful. But there’s a lot to be said for honeymooning at home.

What could be a better way of seeing these beautiful isles than a Great British road trip? Just pack up a trusty VW camper, bring some blankets and go wherever the mood takes you. Just you and your new husband/wife for life.

Here are five reasons we love the idea:

No long haul flights. And most importantly, no jet lag.

Those super long flights to destinations like Australia, Hawaii, or Madagascar will have you feeling like you’re on another planet, never mind another country. With no dreaded jet lag to contend with, you can get the most out of every single minute of this amazing honeymoon you’ve been planning for so long.

You don’t need to stress about the weather.

Yes, it might rain, but you may also get some days of beautiful blue skies. To be honest you’ll probably get everything in between. If you splash out thousands of pounds on a beach holiday, you’re going to be pretty upset if you end up sheltering from a storm. With a British holiday, you know what you’re getting. Or rather, you never know what you’re getting, and that’s okay.

You can bring Rover.

Or any dog with a less obvious dog-name. If your dog is the most important thing in your life (aside from your partner) you won’t be too keen on the idea of leaving them at home while you go off on your jollies. So pack them up too, bring their bed and a bone and stop off at beautiful parks/fields/beaches where you can let them run free.

A sandy road on a Great British Road Trip Patchwork honeymoon fund

It won’t cost the earth.

You’ll need to shell out for the campervan hire and pay for all things like food and drink, but the cost compared to a long haul trip to a five star resort will be minimal. Weddings are expensive times and there’s no need to put extra pressure on yourselves to be able to afford the holiday-to-end-all-holidays. Plus, if you’re saving on accommodation and flights, you can spend a little more on luxuries; a dinner at a lovely restaurant, cashmere socks to keep your toes cosy in bed and a really posh bottle of wine.

You’re the masters of your own destiny.

Don’t really like the look of the place you were planning on staying the night? Just keep going. Your van is your home. If you book 14 nights at an ‘exclusive’ hotel on the other side of the world, you’ll be heartbroken to arrive and find a problem. A campervan road trip is the ultimate freedom.

If you like the sound of a honeymoon at home and want your wedding guests to help make it happen, just customise our readymade camper van honeymoon fund for a great British road trip then let friends and family choose which part of the adventure to treat you to. Once you’ve collected the cash, head over to our friends at Quirky Campers to choose your wheels!

Patchwork Honeymoon Fund Campervan Road trip

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