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5 Reasons We Love the Most Curious Wedding Fair

by Ismay Ozga
most curious wedding fair patchwork
  1. The handpicked suppliers are incredible – from Bloaum Studio and the Wedding Smashers to Bord Food, A.R.D Bakery and the lovely Wedding Enthusiast – we just love everyone
  2. The space is GREAT and always transformed from a blank canvas into a magical wedding love fest
  3. We meet the coolest couples every time we go. Couples like Natalie & Daley!
  4. It’s on Brick Lane so you can go to Beigel Bake when you’re peckish
  5. Did we mention all the gorgeous couples we get to meet?

We are so excited to be at the Most Curious Wedding Fair  this weekend. The combination of incredible hand-picked wedding suppliers, a great space and lovely couples make it our favourite fair of the year.

If you’re getting married and you’re in the area on Saturday or Sunday, from 10.30-5.30, come and have a chat to us about our alternative gift list and honeymoon fund.

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