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5 Tips For Making a Great Patchwork Gift List

by Ismay Ozga
Patchwork Honeymoon fund New York

1. Choose good quality photos

If we have one pet peeve here at Patchwork HQ, it’s seeing pixelated pictures in patchworks (try saying that 3 times fast!). Choose images that are nice and clear and a good size – minimum 432×432 px.

2. Be honest

Think about what it is you REALLY want, and then choose how best to represent it.

3. Spread the cost

Everyone who comes to your Patchwork gift list will want to contribute, so make sure the gift items within your patchwork offer a range of prices. Then everyone can afford to contribute something.

4. Make it personal

You’re inviting people to contribute towards a gift for you or a friend so don’t be scared to make it personal. Use your images and words to share not just what you want but something about you. Be creative!

5. Put the effort in

You get back what you put in – true in life, true here. If your friends and family feel the love and effort you have put into creating your Patchwork gift list, they are much more likely to show their love in return – by giving generously.
Oh and p.s.. remember to say thank you
You can thank friends instantly via Facebook and email or with a personalised photo thanks after you’ve enjoyed your Patchwork. However you do it, don’t forget!

Okay now you’re all clued up and ready to make your own patchworks, you can customise one of our our readymades here, or create one from scratch.

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