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5 Ways to Keep Children Entertained at Weddings

by Ismay Ozga

Children at weddings = JOY. But long days and lots of standing around can be hard on them. So if you’d like to avoid tantrums, it’s a good idea to have something planned to keep the children entertained. It’ll keep those smiles on their little faces. We’ve got some ideas to start you off:

A mobile petting zoo

Nothing inspires more wide-eyed wonder in children than animals. So how about organising a mobile petting zoo to come for a couple of hours during your big day? Companies like Zoo For You or Our Amazing Animal World can bring bunnies, hedgehogs, owls and even more exotic creatures like meerkats, chameleons and snakes. They will invite the children (and adults!) at the wedding to pet the animals and will teach them all about each one.

The Amazing Art Cart

‘Make more, buy less’ is the Amazing Art Cart’s founder Dawn’s motto, and it’s definitely one we can get behind. Dawn’s background in design is evident in her super colourful creation. This lovely little cart will keep kids happily entertained for hours. The Art Cart – run by Dawn and her gang of artists and designer – will come to your wedding, set up their mobile art station and let the kids craft away to their hearts’ desire. To find out more about availability and pricing just get in touch.

An activity for the table

Of course, the simplest and most inexpensive way to keep little ones entertained is to create a little activity goodie bag for their place setting. Fill it with bubbles (who doesn’t love bubbles?) colouring pencils and paper. You can include disposable cameras so they can photograph the wedding from their point of view. Maybe a (small) packet of sweets or an origami set for the older kids? And if you don’t mind a little bit of noise you could also include little bird whistles. Plus, if you include one of these activity books from Two Little Boys, the kids will be entertained for hours.

The Little Top

If you want your guests to relax in the knowledge that their children are being looked after and entertained, you need Susie and her team involved. Susie started her wedding childcare company The Little Top after attending many weddings and events with her own children and finding them a pretty stressful experience. So she’s created a service that will keep the little ones entertained all day (and evening) long. The Little Top create a decorated and fully equipped tent with toys, games, dressing up, art and amazing craft activities. They can provide a fantastic team of friendly, professional childcarers and ‘mind blowing entertainers’.

Toy Box Tots

We’ve just discovered this South London toy rental company and we LOVE them. Caroline and Ceci started Toy Box Tots when they realised their little ones loved nothing more than playing with other children’s toys. So they set up a toy rental company! This allows parents to rent a box of toys for their kids to play with for a set number of days or weeks before returning them. They want to help parents entertain their children in a much more cost efficient and environmentally friendly way. Renting a box of these toys is the perfect way to keep little ones entertained during your big day.

Find out how to keep the adults happy in our post ’10 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy at Your Reception’ and check this post out for our favourite wedding entertainment ever.

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