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6 Creative Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

by Ismay Ozga
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If you’re getting married in a large space, the thought of decorating can be quite daunting. But don’t panic. We’ve got a tactic. Focus most of your energy into one area – dotting a few decorations around the place won’t have half as big an impact as concentrating that creativity in one area of the room. And what better space to focus on than the backdrop to the ceremony itself. We’ve picked some of our favourite creative DIY wedding ceremony backdrops to give you some ideas.

Balloons, balloons, balloons.

This colourful wall by Oh Happy Day! was intended as a DIY photo booth backdrop, which looked incredible. But how about doing something similar for the ceremony itself? Think of the pictures, guys. Pure happiness.

The painterly option.

This watercolour effect backdrop not only looks cool but also doubles as an excellent way to vent some of that pre-wedding stress. Pick your favourite colours, splash them all over a giant canvas, and you’ve got yourself a totally unique backdrop.

Forget traditional arches.

Get married under colourful, glittering piñatas. Why not? These custom decorations by Little Gatherer will set your happy little scene perfectly.

Clouds! Why clouds?

Because you’ll be floating on air with happiness. Obviously. And look how great they look against that industrial concrete wall. They also seem super easy to make, which is a massive plus when it comes to wedding DIYs.

Streamer overload.

This huge wall of layered streamers makes us so happy. If you’ve got a big white wall to cover this will work amazingly well and will be a stunning backdrop to your ceremony.

The geometric option.

This washi tape backdrop by B.Loved is simple, structured and super affordable. Your ceremony backdrop doesn’t have to cost a bomb – if it’s done right the simplest idea can have the biggest impact. Just map out your design in tape and play around until you’re happy – if you don’t like it just peel it off and start again. Easy.

Once you’ve decided which amazing backdrop you want, get all hands on deck and start creating. Wedding DIYs are so much more fun with your friends involved, so you should definitely ask for some help. If you don’t fancy creating a patchwork honeymoon fund or wedding registry, asking friends and family to give their time and skills rather than a gift is a brilliant option. Just make a patchwork to show everyone what you need, whether it’s help creating your ceremony backdrop or someone to DJ for an hour, then send it out to friends and family so they can choose which bit to help with. You can keep track of who’s doing what in your account, and then easily send thank yous to everyone involved. Hooray. Just customise our readymade DIY Wedding patchwork or create your own from scratch.

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