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6 of our favourite wedding invites

by Ismay Ozga

Sending out your wedding invites is a very exciting moment in the planning calendar. It’s the moment when all of the planning that’s been whirring round your head is actually brought to fruition in real life. It’s the moment when you realise that other people are actually going to be at your wedding. They’ll be partying with you, and enjoying the day and all the little details you’ve worked so hard to plan. Naturally, then, you want to be sending out a beautiful looking wedding invite! Here are our 6 favourite wedding stationers who are guaranteed to bring your details to life:

Nicety Studio

Nicety Studio is your go-to place for incredible typeface, clean, clear design and considered cardstocks for your wedding invites. With a long history in luxury print design, Anna Jacques designed her own wedding stationery in 2016 and the rest, as they say, is history! As well as her incredible eye for design and colour combinations (just LOOK at that peachy perfection above!), we love her commitment to printed materials and their tactile, keepsake nature.

The Old Market Printing Co.

Bristol-based The Old Market Printing Co. specialise in beautifully designed screen-printed wedding stationery and paper goods. It’s a classic tale of romance: a hand-letterer and a screenprinter fall in love. Then they naturally start prepping for their boozy weeklong wedding in Cornwall by printing teatowels and a ping pong table with their face on it. After that their love for creating bespoke, tactile wedding stationery was born, and to be honest with you we’re very glad it was!

Paper Skeleton

It’s hard to reinvent the stationery wheel, but the lovely Karla from Paper Skeleton has done it. And she’s done it WELL. Her wonderful Zine-Vites are a gorgeous graphic way of giving your guests all the deets, with foldout elements, stunning papers and perfect finishings.

Studio Sophie

Be still our beating hearts! We adore these illustrative wedding invites by Studio Sophie, in all of their painterly magic. The hand drawn nature of her designs mean that each card feels like it was made especially and personally for you. And if that wasn’t enough, Sophie’s eco-credentials check out. Her stationery is made on sustainable cards sourced from family-run papermakers in Italy and Britain, and then printed locally in London.

Alice Gabb

Alice Gabb‘s work is a window to a world we want to live in full-time. Her beautiful, self-proclaimed “wonky but wonderful” calligraphy style makes for wedding invites that are treasured, fancy and exquisite. Add in some illustrations of your venue or a handdrawn map, and you have the key to a magical wedding world. Plus, check out that paper boat wedding invite – the ingenuity is astounding!

Keady Row

We can’t even count all the ways in which we love design house Keady Row. Nat and Tim create bespoke wedding stationery for the design conscious couple. Every single design is unique, but it’s always an exceptional blend of colours that the OG Wes Anderson himself would be jealous of, combined with stunning fonts and line drawings. A physical invitation is always thrilling to receive. But a Keady Row invite, with all of the gorgeous finishes, will have you scrambling to get to the doormat to pick it up and hold it in your hands first.

Remember to let your guests know about your honeymoon patchwork on your wedding invites, so they know where to visit. If you’re stuck for ideas on yours, how’s about our Mexican Getaway template to get you started?

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