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6 Unconventional Wedding Gift Ideas

by Ismay Ozga
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Looking for unique wedding gift ideas? If you don’t fancy going down the route of the traditional department store gift list, there are plenty of other options when it comes to wedding presents. So if you’ve lived together for a while, and already have all of the household items you could ever need, don’t worry. You are not obliged to spend hours deliberating over which toaster or towel set to choose.

However, your wedding guests will absolutely want to give you something, because they’re kind and generous and want to celebrate your marriage. So all you need to do is decide what it is that you really want or need, and find a way to ask them for it.

If all of the online gift registries you’ve seen leave you feeling cold and you really want to ask for a gift that represents you more as a couple, read on for six unconventional wedding present ideas. You might find one that inspires you.

unique wedding gift ideas patchwork

Doing Up the Kitchen

If you’ve been saving for years and finally have a home of your own, but the kitchen is stuck in the 80s, think about asking your wedding guests to help you pay for a home renovation project. Why use a traditional wedding gift list to ask for saucepans and utensils if what you really need is a place to put them? The average cost of fitting a new kitchen is between £1000-£5000, and the average amount collected on a cash wedding registry is £3,500, so you may find that you collect exactly the amount you need to start your kitchen project. Your guests will be over the moon to contribute towards finishing off your space, and you can invite them all around for a cup of tea when it’s done. Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home, after all.

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Matching Tattoos

Cake slices and teapots just not your thing? If you want a really unique wedding gift idea, that will truly last forever, how about asking your guests to fund your matching tattoos? This is the perfect wedding present for an unconventional couple, looking for a meaningful solution to the wedding gift dilemma. Ask wedding guests to chip in for the artist’s time, the bespoke design, and even the ink. If you want a large piece designed by a top artist, this could easily cost upwards of £500, so why not ask guests to chip in? Your friends will be so excited to see what their gift money goes towards, and you can’t say that about new bed sheets. Fair warning on this one, Great Aunt Nora may not be quite so keen.

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A House Deposit

We all know how difficult it is to get on the property ladder in the current climate, and if you’ve been saving since you were old enough to have a bank account, it may seem wasteful to put money towards anything else, especially after shelling out thousands for your wedding day. With the average cost of a house or flat deposit rising to dizzying heights, unless you’re friends with some incredibly generous people, you aren’t likely to raise the full amount needed. This gift is about topping up the money you’ve already worked so hard to save. Ask your wedding guests to chip in towards your dream home, and bit by bit you’ll get closer to your goal of being home-owners.

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A Honeymoon

The honeymoon fund is gaining popularity, and the reason is that most couples getting married these days have lived together for years, and have all of the household items they need. However, with people leading increasingly busy lives, they are taking less and less holidays together. So while it doesn’t make sense to ask for a new set of teaspoons, it makes total sense to ask for the gift of time together as newlyweds. Your guests can pay for your flights, hotels, meals, and all of the exciting honeymoon experiences you want to get up to, whether that’s £150 to go skydiving, or £30 for a boat trip. And while household items may break, your friends and family’s contributions towards your honeymoon will give you memories to treasure forever.

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A Gallery Membership

Ask your friends and family to chip in towards a membership at your favourite gallery and you can enjoy access to exhibitions, events and talks all year long. A Gallery Membership is the perfect wedding gift for the couple who have everything. As art is so subjective, the best way to guarantee you get something that you both like is to use our online cash gift registry to ask for donations to put towards the art of your choice. For a really unique wedding gift, you could even have a couple’s portrait painted, or commission an artwork of a special place that you both love. Or you can invest in a piece of art that you’ve been eyeing up, but could never normally afford. Set up a cash gift list and show your wedding guests the piece of art you want, then they can contribute towards it. And once you’ve collected the funds, you can buy the piece and have it hanging on your wall in no time.

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The Wedding Photographer

Why not ask wedding guests to help pay for your wedding photographer? With an online cash gift list you can invite your wedding guests to chip in towards one of the most important (and expensive) parts of your day, and you’ll be left with beautiful photographs to treasure forever. Ask your guests to contribute gift money towards the ‘confetti shot’, the all important photo of the first dance, the getting ready photos, the photographer’s travel expenses, etc. With wedding photographers costing anywhere from £1000-£3500, any contributions towards this cost can be very helpful. So if beautiful photos are high on your list of wedding day must-haves but your budget just wont stretch, use our cash gift list to ask for money to put towards the photography bill. One thing you’ll never regret is having too many photos of your big day – so splash out, with a little help from your friends.

To fund all of these gifts and more, just set up an online registry at patchworkit.com. You’ll be able to show your guests the unconventional wedding gift of your dreams, and they’ll be able to contribute towards it in a way that’s personal, easy and fun.

Browse more wedding gift ideas here, or create your gift list from scratch now – no need to register.

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