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£6k Wedding Budget: 6 Amazing Wedding Concepts

by Ismay Ozga

Want to plan a stylish wedding on a super tight budget? Good news – you can. In fact, when it comes to event planning, unlimited cash and too many ideas can be a disaster. But having a strict budget and a clear vision actually makes planning less stressful, naturally more creative and almost always more impactful. Just stick to our four core planning principles, choose one of our six fully-costed wedding concepts (complete with superstar suppliers) for under £6000, then enjoy making your dream wedding a reality.

The four steps to success:

1. Don’t be trapped by tradition.

Don’t feel pressured into adhering to costly wedding traditions and etiquette if they don’t feel meaningful to you. Just start from scratch. Plan a wedding that celebrates your love and life together and includes the people you want to involve in whatever way works for you.

2. Think about numbers and make your decisions accordingly.

If you really want 200 people at your wedding, you can have them for £6000, but your wedding will look and feel very different if you choose to spend the same amount planning a wedding for just 50 people.

3. Don’t compromise on everything. Be clear what you’re prepared to sacrifice.

You don’t want to plan a wedding where you’ve had to scrimp on everything. Decide what’s important to you both and prioritise. For £6000 you can have a wedding abroad, a champagne reception, a Michelin star meal, a designer dress or a huge party. But you can’t have it all.

4. Agree your budget and concept. Then stick to it.

All the best planners know that any successful event has to start with a strict budget and a clear concept. These two unmovable facts then act as a filter for all the decisions you need to make. A clear concept enables you to save money by cutting away everything that is excess to requirements, it helps removes the stress of decision making and sharpens your ideas for maximum impact.

To get you started here are six super cool wedding concepts for under £6,000. Whether you’re dreaming of a chic city ceremony, a wedding abroad or a festival in a field; whether you want two, twenty or two hundred people to witness your wedding; we’ve got a range of creative concepts to help you identify the right approach, explore essential elements of the experience and use your budget most effectively.

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