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A 40th Birthday Surprise Shopping Trip

by Rosie Hurwitz
Patchwork Shopping Fund

Kate was pretty vague about what she wanted for her 40th birthday, she just knew it was high time for some new clothes.  She hadn’t had the time or money to do much clothes shopping for herself since the arrival of her second child two years before. So a surprise birthday shopping trip was the one thing she really wanted. Happily, Kate’s sister took charge of organising a surprise birthday gift for her. She told her that she was doing it, and booked Kate for a birthday shopping trip. However she kept the rest secret.

A relaxing day for busy mums

‘A day for the two of us busy mums to relax together without kids was a huge treat in itself. I was massively excited about that. My sister also made it really indulgent by setting some strict rules for the day. No looking at anything for the kids! It was all about me and a carefully planned day of finding exactly what I needed. Bliss!

Patchwork Birthday Shopping Trip Fund

And then, as we arrived at the shops, she did the grand reveal. The Patchwork ‘whip round’ had created a birthday shopping fund of over £600. It was way more than I’d anticipated!  It was an amazing, memorable day with her. I choose a very special gold necklace,  two beautiful dresses, some winter boots and some gorgeous trainers. I also picked a totally outrageous pair of leopard print shoes, which I would never have bought for myself.’

Saying thank you was easy

Later, Kate’s sister sent her the link to the gift page so she could read all the lovely messages. Kate could see which gifts everyone had chosen and send personal thank yous.

Kate’s friends were so impressed with the Patchwork concept that several of them want the same for their 40th birthdays. “I just created a birthday shopping trip for my best friend’s 40th” says Kate. “I couldn’t believe how simple it was to set up and we’ve already collected over £600 towards a surprise birthday treat. Magic!”

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us Kate, and a very happy birthday to you.

If this has inspired you to create a patchwork gift fund for a friend, you can our special gift patchworks here, or create your own patchwork from scratch.

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