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Patchwork Couple: A Campervan Honeymoon in the Highlands

by Ismay Ozga
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Amy and Andy met four and a half years ago, but realised soon after that up until that point in their lives they’d been like ships passing in the night, with shared connections and hobbies that had almost, but never quite, brought them together. They were even at Pony Club Camp together at primary school. Cute! We’ll let Amy tell you about the proposal, the wedding, and the Patchworked honeymoon.

How did you get engaged?

Andy proposed on holiday in Croatia. We had sailed to Šibenik on my parents’ boat and were planning to visit the Krka Waterfalls. Andy planned a secluded sunset walk and got down on one knee to propose with a ring that he had designed especially for me! It was so special.

What kind of wedding did you plan?

Our wedding was a medley of everything we love, shared with everyone that we love! Where to have the wedding was an easy decision to make. My parents are retired growers and we were lucky enough to have a huge glasshouse at our disposal, complete with fields that could accommodate a wedding campsite and of course the 1920’s carousel!

What was your first dance?

Our first dance song was called I’ve Got This Friend by a band called The Civil Wars. We had actually been to see the band for our second date so the song has a great memories for us.

What was your favourite part of the day?

There are a few favourites – holding my brand new husband’s hand as we walked down the aisle past all of our friends and family with the church bells jangling, riding the 1920’s carousel with our bridesmaids and groomsmen as our guests arrived and the crammed dancefloor as we rocked out late into the night!

Why was Patchwork the best gift registry for you?

Patchwork allowed us to create an eclectic and totally personal wedding list…Where else could our guests select to buy us honeymoon adventures alongside a gift to help us pimp our campervan Wanda!

Tell us more about Wanda, and what else you wanted to fund?

Wanda was in need of a bit of TLC so we allocated funds to “Make Wanda Wonderful” which have since been used to give her a new paint job. We also used the honeymoon adventure money to buy 11 bottles of whisky during our 3 week campervan tour of the Scottish Isles. Having the flexibility to create a wedding gift list that was completely unique to us as a couple was fantastic.

What was the best bit about using Patchwork?

It was great to be able to write a personalised thank you to every one of our guests for their special gifts. We are especially looking forward to sharing the whisky with our friends and family every wedding anniversary for the next decade. Our family and friends loved the personal touch of the gift list rather than simply asking for cash.

Would you recommend your trip to other honeymooners?

We loved our Scottish Highlands and Islands tour but 3 weeks was not enough… It is a stunning part of the world with much more to offer.

You’ll (hopefully!) plan quite a few trips in your life, but none of them will be as special as your honeymoon.

Celebrating your brand-new marriage and new life by zipping away to some beautiful destination with your sweetheart… well, there’s just nothing quite like that, no matter what adventures you get up to further on down the road.

We know you have a lot of options to think over when you’re planning your honeymoon, and also that sticking to a travel budget can be a major consideration — especially after a big (and expensive) wedding.

That’s why we’re here to talk to you about the benefits of taking your honeymoon by RV, including everything you need to know about choosing a destination, stocking up on camping essentials, and even finding the perfect RV rental through RVshare.

RVshare is the world’s first and largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace with more than 100,000 RVs to rent across the country. With a broad range of inventory ranging from travel trailers to luxury motorhomes, there is a perfect RV for your honeymoon!

Let’s start at the top: Why would you want to take your honeymoon in an RV in the first place?

The better question is, why wouldn’t you? In an RV, you’re in total control of your route and itinerary; there’s no risk of facing a flight delay or finding your hotel room’s been downgraded or rebooked. You know exactly where you and your new spouse will sleep each night and exactly when the sheets were last laundered. You even have the option to make each others’ favorite meals in your very own kitchen.

Plus, according to campingfunzone.com an RV brings you all the liberty of the open road. You can carefully route an exciting trip with multiple stops, but still be open to staying an extra day or taking the turn down that interesting-looking back road on a whim. And, of course, your RV experience is totally private; you don’t share walls with anybody. That’s one perk newly-wedded couples are sure to appreciate!

Depending on whether or not you consider yourself a camper (and whether or not you’ve ever tried out the #RVlife before), renting a motorhome or travel trailer for your honeymoon might sound brilliant… or not so hot. Aren’t you supposed to be whiling away your stay at some resort, having spa treatments and couples’ massages every day?

Well, maybe. But if you’re looking for a bit more of an adventure, renting an RV can be an incredible way to go about your honeymoon — and with some of the resort-style campgrounds available these days, it can suit more refined travel tastes equally well.

Let’s break down the perks of renting an RV for your honeymoon.

    Choosing a honeymoon destination can be a major source of stress. How much easier would that task be if you didn’t have to pick just one?

Renting an RV essentially gives you a “honeymoon on the go” option. If you and your new spouse can’t decide on just one place to visit… well, you can make a road trip out of it and visit both.

Maybe he’s more into mountain biking and she’s more into sitting by the surf. Or maybe you both want to hit up all the epic hiking trails (or fine dining restaurants, or museums, or fishing streams) you can. Either way, a honeymoon road trip gives you lots of places to look back on and consider your special destinations. You’ll also be able to try out lots of different parks, campgrounds, and RVing styles, whether you end up preferring boondocking off-grid or relaxing in a resort campground environment!

    It’s true: even “big” RVs have relatively small footprints. But there’s something romantic about being in a small space together — and it’ll make your home feel even bigger and more luxurious once your honeymoon is over!

Plus, even though the size is scaled down, rental RVs still have all the comforts of home you’re used to: kitchen appliances, a cozy bed to cuddle up in, bathroom facilities, and sometimes even entertainment systems. It’s hard to feel like you’re “roughing it” when you’ve got every creature comfort available, even if it is smaller than standard size!

Patchwork Honeymoon Fun Campervan Roadtrip

Thank you Amy & Andy and a huge congratulations from Team Patchwork.

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