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A Fun Filled Day & A Greek Getaway

by Ismay Ozga
couple on wedding day standing outside by purple trees

Tom and Beckie have been together for four years, and in that time they’ve built themselves a reputation as the couple that you’ll never have a quiet night with. They like to do things differently, and above all, they like to have fun.“We met on a beach in India when I had a broken foot, and he couldn’t resist my graceful moves on crutches across the Indian shores. He proposed two years later by throwing me out of a plane at 10,000 feet in Mexico, with a pair of white gloves that said ‘Marry Me’ on them. That about sums us up.”

Patchwork Couple

The couple had a lot to live up to when it came to planning their wedding. They knew it had to be an incredible celebration of their lives, as well as a huge thank you to their friends and family.

“Our wedding was held in a beautiful 15th century Mallorcan Hacienda in the beautiful valley of Valldemossa. We had 110 guests and focused our attentions on making the magical courtyard like a whimsical fairytale. We ensured the food, drink and music were our top priority, to make the day a memorable one.”

Patchwork Couple

When it came to their wedding gift list, Beckie and Tom chose our honeymoon registry because they knew they already had everything they needed for their house. What they really wanted was to go on a very special trip around the Greek Islands.“We travel a lot, but never really go all out and do things 5 star. We knew that people wouldn’t want to give us just cash, so attaching something emotional to the money, so that our friends and family could buy our honeymoon in bite size pieces, worked for everyone. It was the holiday of a lifetime and each one of our wedding guests played a part in that, from a couple of beers, right up to the honeymoon suite. It felt really special.”

Patchwork Couple Honeymoon Fund Greece

Beckie says they’ve already recommended their trip to about 10 other couples, as it was the perfect honeymoon. They swam in their private pool overlooking the sea, ate amazing food, and spent time relaxing together. This was much needed after the “craziness of planning the best wedding ever”. The couple have also been recommending Patchwork to everyone they can, as it “solved their gift list problem brilliantly”.

Greek Island Patchwork honeymoon fund

Thanks so much for sharing, Beckie and Tom, and a big congratulations from all of us.

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