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A Print for Georgia’s Dad

by Ismay Ozga
Patchwork group birthday gift

Georgia’s dad is not an easy person to buy for. And with a big birthday looming, Georgia really wanted to pull something special out of the bag. So when she happened upon the perfect present, and the perfect way to fund it, she was over the moon. We had a chat to her and her dad about his special gift.

Tell us about what you were celebrating?

My fabulous father was turning a large undisclosed number. In my humble opinion he is one of the most amazing people in the world, so I wanted to commemorate the event.

He has had such a profound and positive effect on so many people, so many people love him. So I knew there would be loads of people who, like me, wanted to do something special that would touch him. To show him the love.

I have made Dad cry through thoughtful gifts in the past. So that became my criteria.

But what do you buy the man that likes nothing more than Leica cameras, illicit substances & making inappropriate comments at inappropriate times? It was a tough brief so I started thinking early.

What did you decide to fund?

One day about 6 months before his birthday we were wandering through The Lanes in Brighton and Dad took me into a shop to show me a picture – an original print from the film of Withnail and I. It was immediately obvious that he should own it. It was strange and beautiful. Just like him. Art for the inappropriate old man. Who knew.

Patchwork birthday gift

What was the best thing about doing a group gift?

Everything has more value when it comes from the many; full of love, effort and care. Surely that’s what giving a gift is really about. My Dad taught me that, so truly it was a no brainer to Patchwork a special gift for him.

Our friends and family couldn’t have been more pleased and as I said, he is impossible to thank properly and together we made him cry with love and joy. Winning.

Patchwork group birthday gift for dad

Brilliant. And this is what Georgia’s dad, Doug, thought of his gift:

“We should all have art that enriches us and I’m rather picky about what I would have on my wall at home, as I do love minimal. I know that I am also a terrible person to have to buy for as I mostly buy what I really need, but just as often convince myself and others that it is mere consumerism and tell people we already have too much stuff in our lives.  Not an easy gift proposition. What Georgia knew is that when we saw this picture hanging, I told her that it really spoke to me and she bought it on that basis with the help of Patchwork. Maybe what she doesn’t know is the exact nature of the moment and why it is such a pleasure for it to be the last thing I see every morning before I leave home to face the world.

As Withnail is battered by the world and seems about to break, he finds his fight and yells into the Welsh Valleys as this exact moment captured….


Every element I need to be reminded of as I leave for the day – humour, resilience, and embracing the world however cold and unwelcoming it may appear at that moment.  I could never live with a motivational poster in my life but for me, this totally does the job.  I smile every day as I pass it, and the names of the people who gave it to me live on the back………  I’LL SHOW THE LOT OF YOU! I’M GONNA BE A STARRR!

Thanks to all those lovely friends and family who gave and Patchwork for making it happen, you’ll never know how many times I needed to see this as I leave to greet the world for another day.”

Thank you Georgia and Doug! We’re so happy to have been able to help with this perfect present.

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