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A Trip of a Lifetime – Honeymoon in Vietnam

by Rosie Hurwitz
East meets West wedding couple

Ruth and Pad didn’t just have one wedding to plan – they had two. “We were pretty relaxed but having an Eastern and Western edition two weeks apart did make things a little more stressful” says Pad. With so much to organise Pad says they weren’t planning on having a gift list at all. “But our parents told us it just caused them more stress when couples didn’t include a list of sorts and that they felt lazy just giving cash or a cheque.”

Patchwork Couple Honeymoon Fund Vietnam

So when friends recommended Patchwork they were delighted.“We really wanted an amazing honeymoon to Vietnam, but with all the wedding costs, it was totally beyond our budget. Without Patchwork we’d have ended up with a weekend in Bognor! And then would have come back to a house full of toasters, cutlery sets and other stuff that we didn’t need! For us, one of the real benefits was collecting gift money direct and in real time – this really helped when it came to paying for our honeymoon in advance.”

Ruth and Pad loved making their honeymoon wish list. “We sat down with a bottle of wine and took it in turns to come up with a different piece of our patchwork, that the other person had to think was sufficiently amusing, before we were allowed to move on.”“It was fun and a really nice way of letting people know a little bit more about us as a couple – like the fact that Pad is an atrocious swimmer and Ruth is totally incapable of tanning.”

Patchwork Honeymoon Fund Vietnam

“Our family and friends thought it was a brilliant alternative to a traditional wedding list. We had loads of comments on our wedding day, and we loved that everyone felt they were contributing to us having the most amazing holiday of our lives!”

Patchwork Couple Honeymoon Fund Vietnam

“It was incredibly humbling to realise that every single aspect of our honeymoon was a result of our unbelievably generous friends and family. We wrote little personalised thank you cards afterwards with photos to share the experiences that individual guests had paid for, and this made things even more personal. It’s much easier to express genuine delight to someone who’s bought you a rather large supply of cocktails and ice creams by the beach than it would have been to thank someone for the beautiful garlic crusher they’d so generously bought us.”

Ruth and Pad say they 100% recommend our cash gift list to anyone getting married.

We say thanks very much. And wish them lots of love and luck for the future.

To make your own patchwork just customise one of our readymades or create one from scratch.

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