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A Unique Gift – Doing up the Bathroom

by Rosie Hurwitz
bathroom renovation funded by friends with Patchwork

Jude is a 29 year old man with a good job. He has a nice flat that he shares with his lovely girlfriend. Thanks to a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck there isn’t much that he wants for in life. If he wants a new shirt, some socks or a pair of shoes he goes out and buys them for himself. So when it comes to birthdays he confesses to being “a bit of a tricky person to buy for”.
But this year it was easy – with his new bathroom gift.

Having just moved into their new flat Jude and his girlfriend planned to update the bathroom. But although they’d been saving, Jude realised they could do with a bit of help funding the finishing touches. So he created a Patchwork and asked family to help them complete the project . Asking friends to buy him a bit of the bathroom each. For example, a tile for £2, a tap for £50 or the toilet for £100.

Patchwork new bathroom fund

Jude says: “I thought it was going to be a bit weird asking for a bathroom for my birthday. But my family found it really funny and now that it’s all done they appreciate their gifts every time they come around and need to use the loo!”

Patchwork new bathroom fund

Whether it’s a birthday bedroom for the kids, a nursery for your new baby or a roof garden to celebrate your love and marriage, it makes sense to asks friends and family to come together to fund the one thing you really want.

You can customise one of our readymade patchworks or create your own from scratch.

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