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A Whirlwind Honeymoon in India & Nepal

by Ismay Ozga
couple on wedding day standing under star

When Naomi and Jack started planning their wedding together they knew exactly what they wanted. A simple ceremony in a field, followed by a big party with all their loved ones around them.“Our budget was small but our imaginations were big. We tried to make the whole day as creative as possible without making our bank balances cry”.

Patchwork Couple

The couple wanted their gift list to reflect the style of the rest of their wedding. Making a patchwork allowed them to ask for gifts in a personal and creative way, which helped them feel more comfortable about asking for money.

Naomi and Jack have been together for nine happy years and have lived together for seven of those. So they really didn’t need ‘new couple’ gifts. They’re also pretty eco-minded, and generally don’t like to be big consumers. As Naomi says, “Our home is small and we care about the planet.”

What they really wanted was to go on the trip of a lifetime around India and Nepal. So Naomi put together a beautiful patchwork, they collected money from their generous friends and family, and off they went on their incredible journey.

Patchwork Honeymoon Fund India

Thank you for sharing your story, Naomi and Jack. Your trip looks absolutely magical. We’re so pleased to be a part of it.

To make your own patchwork just customise one of our readymades or create one from scratch.

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