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Akua’s Crowdfunded Tattoo

by Ismay Ozga
crowdfund a tattoo birthday gift

Akua decided to bypass surprise presents this year and instead ask her friends and family to chip in for something she really wanted. It was a big birthday after all, she was turning 40. If you can’t get what you want at 40, when can you? Akua didn’t want bath bombs, jewellery or vouchers, she wanted a tattoo. Read about how she funded it with Patchwork.

Tell us more about your patchwork?

When my 40th Birthday was approaching I knew I wanted to do something memorable, so I hosted a party and suggested a unique present that my friends and family could contribute to. A tattoo.

Why a tattoo?

I had always wanted one but up til now I’d done nothing to fulfill the dream. I found a great tattoo parlour in New Cross Gate who were fantastic in explaining what the process (I was a little nervous) and I booked the session. The design was no problem, as I had a very clear idea for this. Tattoos are so expressive. I felt this would be a wonderful way to include my friends & family in not only celebrating my birthday but me as well.

Tattoo crowdfunded patchwork gift registry

Why did you decide to organise a group gift?

The group gift meant that each contribution could be small. I divided the image of my tattoo putting a price to each letter. There were no massive expectations and no issues of affordability. Some friends surprised me by buying more than one letter.

What did your friends think?

When I created my patchwork I illustrated it with random graphics spelling out the words that would be in my tattoo, this made a design that was a little more out there than I had in mind! My friends and family enjoyed the novelty and there was even a bit of competition over the availability of letters. I stirred some curiosity and there were lots of comments about being brave as well as “Are you sure?”

Thank you for telling us all about your birthday present, Akua.

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