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Alternative Gifts For The Wedding Party

by Ismay Ozga

Whether it’s to say congratulations, thank you or just because, we’re in the business of giving gifts. Patchwork was founded on the whole premise of giving gifts that matter, and gifts for your wedding party is no exception! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite token gifts for the key players in your wedding party, be it your mothers, fathers, bridesman, best woman and anyone else who deserves a special thank you on the day.

Gifts for bridesmaids and men of honour

Evermore London candles tick every box. Firstly, their wild, inspired by-the-seasons scents are an absolute delight; secondly, they look super sleek and chic in recycled black glass jars and wildflower-toned boxes; and thirdly, they’re all super sustainable and vegan. As smell is a really evocative sense, why not burn one on the morning of your wedding day when you’re getting ready, then gift the same scent to your bridal party so they’re get instant happy memories when they burn theirs? Just remember to blow it out before you leave for the ceremony, hey…

Gifts for the father of the bride or groom

Why not help your dad mop up those down-the-aisle tears with a personalised handkerchief? We especially love Ink & Thimble‘s creative embroidered take on them, where she immortalises a message of your choice in your handwriting in a beautifully tactile, tangible format. Her stuff evokes the kind of emotional moment that you think money can’t buy but, with Julia’s creative genius, it turns out you can buy it. These do come with a caveat, though: her wedding gifits are so incredibly moving that you may actually cause more happy tears than you mop up…

Wedding gifts for the mother of the bride or the groom

The Safekeeping Society is the wonderful result of a calligrapher and a bookbinder coming together to create gifts that can be loved for many years to come. Their incredible heirloom boxes are made from scratch, meaning you can customise every single element of them – the dimensions, the fabric colour, the foil colour, the writing, the vintage map location on top; whatever you want, they can make to your specification. You could make your parents a box for them to keep their memories of the day in, and start them off with a handwritten letter?

Gifts for your Best Man and Woman

There’s a joke to be had somewhere in this section about making sure your best man/woman turns up to the wedding on time, but what isn’t a joke is Marloe Watch Company‘s gorgeous timepieces. As watches get smarter and lives get more complex, Marloe are going back to the simple things and celebrating tradition, resulting in traditional, handwound watches designed in Britain. Winding your watch in the morning gives you a quiet moment of reflection about the day you’re about to have, and the unique serial number on each watch allows you to customise it forever with the special date, making it a perfect thank you gift for your best man or woman.

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