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Alternative Wedding Gift – A Year of Dates

by Rosie Hurwitz
Patchwork honeymoon fund "A Year of Dates" in iPad

Date nights shouldn’t just be reserved for Valentines Day. Keep them coming throughout the year with Patchwork. Ditch the traditional Wedding Gift List in favour of a Patchwork Year of Dates fund.

Keep the romance alive and ask your friends and family to fund towards all the fun things you want to do together in your first year of marriage.

Whether you’d like funds towards a date kayaking down the Thames together, a restorative couples’ massage or fancy doing a cookery course together, you can customise the Year of Dates patchwork to bring your Year of Dates to life.

If you rate treasured experiences over pots and pans, then this is the alternative Gift List for you.

Why ‘A Year of Dates’ Is Great!

  • Gives you lots to look forward to
  • Helps cure any post wedding day blues
  • Keeps the romance alive!
  • Creates lots of lovely memories
  • Values experiences over yet more ‘stuff’
  • Totally customisable so you can share all the things you love doing together

#MoreLoveLessStuff. See our Year of Dates template for the wedding gift that’s high on fun and low on waste!

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