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An Adventure Packed Honeymoon to Mexico – Funded by Friends.

by Ismay Ozga
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Want your friends to send you to Mexico for an adventure packed honeymoon? Find out how John and Sophie did it with Patchwork! The couple met in Edinburgh a decade ago when they were both studying at University. After moving to London three years ago, the couple bought a flat in our neck of the woods – Brockley, South-East London. We’re practically neighbours.

When it came to planning their wedding, they decided to involve two of their favourite things: Sophie’s love of Alice in Wonderland, and John’s favourite TV show – Doctor Who. Double the theme = double the fun!They got married in Sophie’s parents village, and everyone pitched in to help them create their dream day, with their friends meeting once a week to make decorations.

Patchwork Couple Honeymoon Fund

Sophie says “We got married in my parents village, and decided to plan a very DIY wedding. We turned a friend’s industrial barn into a wedding venue, so we needed lots of props. Luckily, the whole village rallied around and it looked amazing.”With such a brilliantly ‘patchworked’ wedding, it’s no surprise Sophie & John felt our gift list was right for them. And the couple knew exactly what they wanted to ask their friends and family to fund – an adventure packed honeymoon to Mexico.

Patchwork Couple Honeymoon Fund Mexico

“Our very little flat is already very full and after the wedding we couldn’t afford to go away. We love travelling and this was a way of us being able to go somewhere we had always dreamed of going, and that we would always remember.”They planned an action packed trip, seeing tons of wildlife and soaking up the culture. They swam with whale sharks, scuba dived and climbed ancient Mayan ruins, as well as spending a day at a cookery school, learning to cook tasty Mexican food.

Patchwork Couple Honeymoon Fund Mexico

“All of these incredible activities, as well as our meals and accommodation, were funded by our family and friends. It was really lovely knowing everyone had supported us to get there, a real one off!”Sophie says their friends loved the site too, with a few of them already using our website to create their honeymoon gift lists.“Patchwork meant we could have the trip of a lifetime and all of our family and friends helped make it happen, which was a fantastic feeling.”

Patchwork Honeymoon Fund Mexico

Thanks for sharing your story, Sophie and John, and a huge congratulations from us.

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