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An Extra Special Wedding Night: Funded by Friends

by Ismay Ozga
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Elena and Alex have very busy lives, so when it came to getting married, they knew taking lots of time out to plan a big lavish affair wasn’t an option. Instead, they decided on an intimate ceremony at Islington Town Hall, with their Italian family, followed by a big lunch at Frederick’s with friends.
Elena says the day was a whirlwind, “Alex arrived in London on Thursday afternoon (and still had to buy his tie and a new white shirt), while I worked until lunch-time on Friday and just took a half day off from work, before our big day on Saturday! Our wedding day was exactly what we had hoped for. We were surrounded by those we love, and had a colourful, fun and exciting day. It all happened so fast!”

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With so little spare time to plan their wedding, Alex and Elena wanted a simple, easy option for their gift list.

After living together for 3 years, and picking up souvenirs from all over the world, their little London flat was already filled with everything they needed. So with that in mind and no time for a honeymoon, they asked friends and family to contribute to the next best thing: an extra special wedding night, in the lap of luxury, at The Savoy Hotel.

extra special wedding night Savoy Hotel

“It was a great choice, as the evening of our wedding day and the day after were so special and relaxing. We had time to spend together and to enjoy the start of our new life. It was a great opportunity to slow down, leave everything and everyone behind and just enjoy the two of us!”.

The couple’s gifts included a night in a wonderful suite, with a view of the Thames, drinks at the Beaufort Bar, a seafood dinner at Kaspar’s, treatments in the spa, breakfast in the art deco Thames Foyer, and most importantly, indoor parking for their beloved ’72 FIAT 500.

extra special wedding night patchwork

“We couldn’t have done it without our friend’s contributions, so Patchwork was the perfect choice for us. It was flexible, no hassle, great fun to put together, and our friends could help make this dream of ours a reality”
According to Elena, their patchwork was a big hit. “Our friends really liked the idea and found it so fun and entertaining to do! A few of our friends have used Patchwork for their wedding gift lists and we’ve already used Patchwork a second time for a party we threw a few months after our wedding…but that’s another story!”.

We look forward to hearing that story. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us, Elena & Alex, and a huge congratulations from all at Patchwork.

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