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An Interview with TH&TH Bridesmaids

by Ismay Ozga

We chatted to our friend Louie at TH&TH all about the inspiration behind this super elegant bridesmaid brand.

What inspired you to start TH&TH?

When I was planning my wedding I struggled to find elegant, sophisticated bridesmaids dresses that matched both my grand venue and my budget. I wanted a high fashion look but unfortunately didn’t have the budget for Valentino gowns so along with my fashion uni pals we designed and made our own.

Louie’s bridesmaid dresses at her own wedding

After my wedding photos got spotted on social media by friends of friends we started getting calls wanting to know where my bridesmaids dresses were from. We started making one offs and then realised that this could be the start of an actual business.

What’s the best thing about running TH&TH?

Working with women all day everyday. Meeting and watching brides’ journeys through  from the planning stages to the actual day is incredible. Being part of something so special really gives us all the feels!

Secondly, that we are own bosses. We have all unfortunately crossed paths with rather bad bosses in our former careers so being able to make our own decisions is the most empowering feeling for us.

Louie and her partners

Who would be your ultimate TH&TH bridesmaid?

Keira Knightley, she is so effortlessly elegant.

What’s your top trend for bridesmaid dresses this year?

Ball gowns, the more tulle the better.

What’s your favourite of your dresses? (Is that like choosing a favourite child?!)

We love alllll of our dresses but Alara in bluebird is our all-time favourite as it’s the dress that launched our business.

This year, it has to be our new Celeste gown, named after my newborn daughter.

The Alara in Bluebird

Fave wedding film?

Father of the Bride, always!!

Thanks Louie! Of course, TH&TH all started with Louie’s own beautiful wedding – which we will be featuring on this blog very soon! Keep an eye out as Louie will be telling us all about her big day and Patchworked honeymoon. You won’t want to miss it.


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