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Asking for Cash: The Money Poem

by Rosie Hurwitz
a poem asking wedding guests for money gifts

Talking to a few couples at a wedding fair recently we discovered that the ‘money poem’ is now a bit of a thing.It’s seen as a cute and friendly way of asking for cash instead of gifts. And we’re sure if you sit down and make up your own rhyming couplets it really might be. But it turns out you can also just download one from the internet to make it look like you made an effort without you actually having to make any effort.

Explaining how the “money poem” works at our stand on Saturday a woman told us, “you just download the words for the thing you want and then stick your bank details on your invite”.

Now of course we’re not against asking for money towards something you really want. It’s exactly what our site helps you do.

Patchwork House deposit fund

But we think if you’re going to ask friends and family to fund the deposit on your flat it helps if you can find a way to genuinely make that gift of money more meaningful. Making a patchwork gift list takes a little bit longer than downloading a money poem. But the effort you put in makes the gift giving experience more personal, fun and rewarding than your standard bank transfer.

In case our feelings on this matter are better expressed in a slightly rubbish poem:

If you’re going to ask your friends for cash
Why not show them what it’s for?
Then let them chose which part to fund
From your roof to your front door! 

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