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New Baby Gift Idea: Food Delivery

by Rosie Hurwitz
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Lots of people use our site to organise baby-showers and new baby gifts and recently we’ve noticed a bit of a trend. Food. Lots of it. On the doorstep. So we asked three new mums why a food delivery, organised and paid for by friends, is such a special gift to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

Harriet and Rosa

Harriet’s friends used Patchwork to organise a hamper from her local deli, health food shop and bakery. Then added “a few of her favourite snacks, some champagne and extra tea bags for all the visitors”.

When Harriet’s husband found a huge hamper on the doorstep he was “surprised, delighted and, after a night of no sleep, very grateful for some fresh croissants and coffee”.

Harriet says “I just felt really loved. It was like having a big hug from all my friends and exactly the help we really needed. Not only the most useful present we received but also the most heartwarming. At a time when you really need to eat well you don’t have the energy to think about meals, so it was lovely to feel that our friends had thought of everything and were really taking care of us”.

mum with new baby and two siblings in bed - food delivery gift

Steph’s friends used our site to collect cash towards a week’s worth of readymade meals from Cook.

“We were having baby number three” says Steph. “We really didn’t need much in the way of clothes, toys and baby things so when my friends asked what they could do as a baby gift I suggested some readymade meals! I was half joking but I was so chuffed when our Cook delivery turned up. Having a new baby is exhausting but of course my other two children expected life to continue as normal. Having meals that were already prepared and required no cleaning up saved my sanity. It also meant I had more time to cuddle with my new baby and rest and recover after the birth. I thought it was such a great idea that I have used Patchwork to organise the same gift for a friend who’s about to have her second baby.”

mum holding young baby - food delivery organised with Patchwork

Hetty’s friends used our cash gift list to organise a supermarket delivery the day she got home from hospital.

“The idea was just to have some really good comfort food and a few easy meals within reach” says the friend who organised it. “As Het has moved away, we couldn’t all pop around with supplies so we thought this was the next best thing.” Hetty says, “I barely remembered or had the time to cook for myself in the first week. So a supermarket delivery from a bunch of friends living 100 miles away was a godsend. So thoughtful and the most perfect baby gift.”

Although we all love buying cute booties and bibs, it’s practical and emotional support that our friends really need when a new baby arrives. You could treat them to a local hamper, a selection of home-made meals or essentials from the supermarket. Whatever you decide, we think a food delivery is a wonderful way to show your love and offer real support in those first few weeks.

Congratulations to Hetty, Steph and Harriet and welcome to the world Imogen, Jack and Rosa.

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