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New Business Showers: Self-trust as a business owner

by Ellie Kime

Continuing our series of interviewing inspiring women to celebrate the launch of our new business shower templates (and hopefully inspire you to host a new business shower of your own!) we’re today chatting to the brilliant Sasha Glasgow, founder of Frank+Feel. She writes and shares beautifully on the themes of life, self-doubt, and self-trust, which all seem especially relevant for the journey of setting up your business! We chatted to Sasha about what she’s learnt in her first year of lockdown, and what we can all take away from that…

Who are you + what do you do?

My name is Sasha and I’m a freelance creative writer. I write under the personal brand, Frank+Feel, about life, self-doubt and self-trust. I combine my love of words and concrete belief that women can do through doubt, by treating myself as somewhat of a working example. I make the stuff that usually sits behind the scenes, very much a central part of my business story and offering. I do this through what I call RemindHers – words to remind women of what has always been there. And I bring them to my audience through my writing, journalling workshops, podcast, and freelance role as a content and community coach.

Tell us about the start of your business journey.

My business journey started at the beginning of 2020, when I think I frustrated myself into action, really. I had written in some guise since the age of eight, but never called myself a writer. At the start of 2020, I still didn’t. Initially, I created Frank+Feel because I wanted to start a candle brand and wedge words in there somewhere, but it quickly became apparent that the words wouldn’t and shouldn’t be pushed to the periphery.

What do you wish you’d known when you started out?

That every time you follow your curiosity (even if you don’t know where it will lead, and you constantly question your why), it will lead you a little closer to where you’re meant to be. You don’t have to know. You just have to start.

a laptop sits atop a laptop stand

What’s the one (physical) thing you wish you’d had when you started out?

The right stands, lighting and apparatus to assist with lives. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve attached my phone to tin cans for lives, or had some very interesting set ups to ensure my laptop was at the right height and you could see me.

What’s the one thing you wish you’d asked for help with?

All the stuff to do with tax and whether I should register as a sole trader or limited company. I’m clearer on it now, but I’m still figuring it out.

Why is it important that we celebrate ourselves?

Because if not us, then who? It feels like a trait of Britishness to excel at self-deprecation. So much so, that we immediately diminish any compliment received or milestone reached. We think it’s a great show of humility, but sometimes I feel we lean so far that way that it actually does more harm than good. We push down the things that we do as small and surprise, surprise, never feel like we’re doing enough. I think it’s also dangerous to rely on compliments and celebrations (you know, the ones we bat away anyway) to come solely from somewhere outside of yourself, because what if those plaudits don’t come, one day? I refuse to hold celebration at arms length from myself like that any more – only celebrating myself when I’m celebrated by others.

What’s your next business milestone and how will you be celebrating?

I think that’ll be bringing out some physical products with my words on. I’ve done things in collaboration with others, but this will be all me. I’ll likely celebrate with some kind of letterbox sweet treat and happy tears of pride.

a paper box filled with tissue paper and 8 gooey stuffed brownies

You can find more of Sasha’s brilliant words on her website, on instagram @frankandfeel, and on her podcast This Is Your RemindHer. And if you’ve been inspired to set up your own Patchwork to celebrate your new business shower, you can find some templates here, or get started from scratch here.

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