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Caro’s KitchenAid

by Ismay Ozga
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Caro came to Patchwork with an idea. She had a big birthday coming up and knew exactly what she wanted – a cherry red KitchenAid. We were very happy to help create a special patchwork for Caro to send out to her friends in time for her celebrations.

We’ll let Caro tell you about her patchwork in her own lovely words.

I’ve always been a fan of baking good, honest, homely bakes.  Some have even suggested I apply to compete on Great British Bake Off but frankly I like baking to be relaxing, not stressful, otherwise it ceases to be an enjoyable hobby!  And I’m not sure I could compete with a cake in a shape of a peacock!

So as my 50th birthday loomed I wondered what I might like, and nothing little came to mind (I have expensive taste!). A few friends proudly display their KitchenAids in their kitchens and I must confess to harbouring a bit of jealousy, and then the idea dawned on me to have a Patchwork for my 50th. Perfect. My friends know my love of baking so were really generous and glad to contribute to something which they know will be used and the results shared.

I purchased this thing of beauty a few weeks before my party but was disciplined enough to walk past it on a daily basis in its box and gaze longingly, deciding not to use it until after the celebrations. I even baked this chocolate and raspberry cake for a friend with my little hand beater, marvelling at my self control not to reach for my new toy!

When I did use it for the first time I decided to return to ‘O’ level cookery lessons and start with a lemon meringue pie and a bakewell tart.  These were hilarious disasters, not because of the KitchenAid, but because I had also a new oven installed and wasn’t quite accustomed to it!

The KitchenAid doesn’t only look iconic in the kitchen, it’s without doubt the Ferrari of baking appliances.

Thank you Patchwork for making the impossible, possible, in such a creative way. I’ll be recommending you.

Thank you, Caro! We’re so happy we could help you get your KitchenAid.

To make your own patchwork just customise one of our readymades or create one from scratch.

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