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A Q&A with Bloom & Wild – Our Favourite Flower Delivery Service

We think Bloom & Wild’s flower deliveries make the best gifts, for any occasion. So we teamed up with them to create a Bloom & Wild patchwork that makes it super simple to share the cost of one of their subscriptions as a present for a loved one. It’s group gifting made easy. We wanted to know more from them about how they’re changing the flower delivery service and why they think flowers make such a wonderful gift, so we had a chat with Bloom & Wild’s Brand Director, Sara Gordon.

How has Bloom & Wild redefined the flower delivery service?

Bloom & Wild exists to make sending and receiving flowers the joy that it should be. We’ve all had bad flower delivery experiences in the past and our mission is to change that for good. We enable people to turn emotions into action from their phone or computer simply, and recipients to experience quality, fresh, creative flowers from bud to bloom.

What do you think makes receiving flowers so special?

Whether they’re sent as a thank you, an apology or simply just because, receiving flowers is a beautiful symbol that someone is thinking of you. Because our bouquets are sent in bud, the recipient sees their gift go from bud to bloom and enjoys the full life of the flower. We also make the process a true experience, so that our recipients get to become the florist themselves.

Who picks the flowers that go into the bouquets each month?

Our in-house flower team, including our Lead Floral Designers Rowan and Caroline, are the ones behind the designs. We’re always inspired by trends we see around us, whether it’s in the world of fashion, interiors or our own travels and we interpret these with in-season blooms to ensure that the recipient only gets the freshest flowers.

What’s your favourite ever Bloom & Wild bouquet and which flowers did it have in it?

I’ve had quite a few favourites, but currently it’s The Daisy. The blue delphinium flowers also add height and visual interest and are one of my favourite flowers at the moment.

What makes a Bloom & Wild flower delivery such a great group gift?

We often see families coming together to give their mums or grandmothers a year of blooms or friends coming together to gift a three month bundle for new homeowners or newlyweds. It’s great to be able to give someone something they might not necessarily treat themselves to, like a year of flower delivery, and coming together with a group makes it easy for everyone to pitch in on a gift that gives joy all year long.


Thank you Sara and Bloom & Wild! If you want to organise a flower delivery for someone you love, just customise our Bloom & Wild patchwork and send it to friends to fund, then your loved one can enjoy the gift of beautiful flowers through their door every month.

Bloom & Wild Flower Delivery – The Perfect Gift for Far Away Friends.

Flower delivery gift

Since Tammy left London for the countryside her friends miss her. Badly. 

No more spontaneous sunny days in the park, afternoon visits to cuddle babies, or late nights out on the town. 

There are upsides – weekends in the country for long walks, roaring fires, red wine evenings and late mornings drinking tea on the sofa. But these trips need organising in advance and don’t happen as often as everyone would like. 

And then there’s birthdays. Even worse, weekday-birthdays. 

With no chance of popping around with cake and bubbles the girls wanted to make sure Tammy still felt loved from far away. So they used Patchwork to chip in towards a flower delivery and chose a lovely big bouquet to be delivered to her door. 

Tammy says: “What a beautiful, gorgeous treat to receive from my lovely friends. I was gutted not to be able to see them on my birthday so it was such a special way to feel loved and an amazing surprise. The flowers were so beautiful.”

With Bloom & Wild delivering flowers across the UK by post you only need to order 24 hours in advance to ensure your seasonal blooms are delivered through the letter box without a hitch. Just customise this flower delivery Patchwork so friends can chip in towards a beautiful bunch. Then gift the patchwork to your friend on the same day as the flower delivery, so they can see everyone’s messages and send their love and thanks.

8 Unique Group Gift Ideas for a 40th Birthday

Let’s face it, 40 can be a difficult age to buy for. Your loved one is hopefully pretty satisfied with their lot, and if they want something small they’ll tend to buy it for themselves. Chances are there is something they really want, but it’s so far out of your price range you hadn’t given it much thought. That’s where we come in – set up a patchwork on their behalf and ask friends and family to chip in towards that one special gift or experience. Then you can surprise your unsuspecting partner/sister/best mate with the one thing they really want, but never thought they’d get.

Of course, you can use patchwork to organise and fund anything, so if you’re reading this and you already know what that one thing is, what are you waiting for? Get started. Create a patchwork to show everyone what it is you’re asking them to contribute towards. Collect cash gifts direct to your PayPal. Then buy the gift when and where you like.

But if you do need some gift ideas we’ve collected some of our favourite presents below for people turning the big 4-0.


Buy a bike

Does the excitement of getting a shiny new bike ever wear off? No. It doesn’t. If you know this is the one present that will put a big birthday smile on your loved one’s face, all you need to do is customise this patchwork. Then friends can choose whether to spend a fiver on the bell, or shell out £50 for a wheel. Soon enough you’ll have enough to buy a beautiful new (or vintage) bike from your chosen shop ready to tie up in a giant comedy bow. You can write everyone’s names on tag so the birthday boy/girl will know it’s from all the people who love them. Then they can cycle off into the sunset. Or around the block.

sky diving patchwork

Send them on a sky-dive

Is your loved one an adrenaline junkie? Do they have all the trinkets, tablets and household things they could ever want? Forget stuff and give them an experience they’ll never forget. Just have a think about whether it’s going to be the best day of their life, or the very worst. Now’s not the time to force your partner into conquering their fear of heights. If you know they’ll love this, just customise our sky-diving patchwork and send it out for everyone to contribute towards. Then invite them all to come and watch.


A week on a wellness retreat

From one extreme to the other. Maybe your mate could do with total relaxation in a blissfully calm environment. Get friends and family to club together and whisk them away for a few days on a wellness retreat, where they won’t have to think about anything except when their next massage is booked in and whether to have mint or green tea.


Sign them up to a photography course

Now’s the time to pursue those creative endeavours that may have been pushed aside in favour of careers and kids and food shopping and all that other grown-up stuff. Send your loved one off on a photography course where they can pick up all the skills they need to get going with their hobby. Then they can bring out their camera with confidence at every special occasion. Or just walks in the park and drinks in the pub. Everyone who chips in will get to see the lovely photos and know they helped bring them to life.


Chip in for a tattoo

What do you give the person who has everything? A permanent drawing on their skin. Of course. What better way to mark this momentous occasion than with a needle full of ink? Show friends and family this patchwork and get them to each buy a piece – whether it’s £100 for ‘an hour of pain’ or a fiver for the ink. Obviously, you’ll need to leave the actual design up to your loved one – all you need to do is present them with the cash or voucher for their favourite tattoo artist and get them booked in. Then throw a party so everyone can see the new tat they helped paid for.


Give them *that* handbag

We all know how it feels to fall in love with a special pair of shoes, a certain coat, or a beautiful handbag. And how it feels to turn the tag over and see the price. If you know someone who’s fallen deeply in lust with a bag that’s way out of their price range, surprise them by getting all of their friends and family to chip in and then present them with it on their birthday. The bond between a woman and her bag will last a lifetime. And she’ll be pretty happy with you lot too. Customise our handbag patchwork here. 


Plan a party

If your loved one has insisted on no fuss this year, just go behind their back and organise a party. Simple. They don’t really mean no fuss. Maybe they mean no socks, toiletries or flannel shirts, which is fair enough. But they don’t mean no getting everyone they love together in one room. What kind of party you throw is up to you, but we’ve created a Karaoke Party patchwork that could be perfect. Get everyone to chip in for the karaoke machine, then just ask people to bring a bottle, make a dish, help decorate. And before you know it you’ll have a great party on your hands. Just make sure you have all the birthday girl/boy’s favourite songs lined up and champagne at the ready.

Send them flowers, every week

What could be more special than receiving a bunch of beautiful flowers every week for a whole year? If you have someone in your life who’s deserving of an incredible treat, this is it. Just customise this patchwork, send it out to friends and family to chip in, then let the flowers roll in. Your loved one will be reminded of the people who love them every single week, and their house will smell blooming lovely.

Sophie’s Handbag – Funded by Friends

Sophie-Rose is a musician and songwriter in the band Paradisia, and has just turned 27. In the months leading up to her birthday she fell in love. With a bag. So she decided to patchwork it, asking her friends to chip in and make her handbag dreams a reality. Sophie tells us all about the new love of her life and why Patchwork worked for her.

Tell us about this dream handbag..

I decided to fund a Céline trio zip bag, the most practical, beautifully constructed handbag a girl could ask for! I’m not into labels in a big way. I like to mix high street pieces with vintage finds but when it comes to coats, bags and shoes I like to invest. These are the things you wear everyday. So it’s important they are made of quality materials, well crafted and made to last. The Céline bag is all of these things. It’s not too blingy, it’s not an obvious statement or too fashion-y. It’s a classic. So it’ll last me through the seasons and as trends come and go. 


Why did you decide to fund one big gift rather than ask for lots of little ones?

I’ve got all the little things I need. If I want a new book, t-shirt or mascara I can go and buy myself one. But on an artist’s income it’s not so easy to afford those investment pieces that I daydream about. I’d been saving up, but my birthday meant I could use Patchwork to ask family and friends to help me reach my target. I think as you get older you fixate on those long lasting, timeless possessions you can keep forever and then eventually hand over to your children. This is very much the case with my Céline!

What did your family and friends think of your request?

They loved the idea! My sister actually made the Patchwork and collected the cash so I didn’t know until my birthday who had contributed and whether I’d really be able to get the bag. It was the best thing when she turned up on my doorstep on the morning of my birthday. She’d been to Céline to buy the bag and had wrapped it up with a card and everyone’s messages. And I was (and still am) just so happy with it. Every time I look down at my bag I am reminded of my lovely friends and family and their generous offering, I made sure the patchwork ranged from £10 – £200 so all my friends could afford to give something. Then I sent everyone photos of me and my bag to say thanks for the BEST GIFT EVER. And a few of my friends are now making their own patchworks for Christmas!

Thank you for chatting to us about your beautiful bag Sophie! And a big belated happy birthday from Team Patchwork.

If this has inspired you to fund a bag for a loved one, you can customise our template handbag patchwork here, or browse our birthday gift ideas. Or create a patchwork from scratch now.

Crowdfund a New Handbag

As presents go, handbags are right up there with the best. They’re the ever-loyal accessory that will always fit and always make you look smart, even when you’re in your scruffiest clothes. Really special ones can be a bit expensive – but don’t worry – you don’t need to take out a loan to afford one. You can patchwork it.

If you have a fashion-loving friend who would love a new handbag, why not club together to buy them the object of their affection? A well made, good quality handbag will last for years and years, so you know your gift will be loved and appreciated for a long time to come. And if you share the cost with friends and family, it’ll become much more manageable.


We’ve made a template handbag patchwork that you can easily customise and share with friends to fund. Then once you’ve collected all the money you can go and buy the bag, wrap it up, and present your lucky friend with it. What a lovely treat.

The beautiful bag in our patchwork is from Mhulot – head to their site to see more. Or, if you have a specific handbag that you would like to make a patchwork of and need some help, just email us at

Wedding Gift Idea: Commission a Portrait

If you’re getting married but don’t want a traditional department store gift list, and a honeymoon fund isn’t for you, how about asking your guests to contribute towards something truly timeless instead? Why not ask your friends and family to help you pay to have a portrait painted? It’s a gift you’ll be able to enjoy forever – a memento of a really special time in your lives.

If you love the idea but feel you wouldn’t know where to start, The Royal Society of Portrait Painters can help. They have a range of artists to choose from, working in a variety of styles, and they will take you through the process to guide you in making the right choice.


We’ve created a ‘Commission a Portrait’ patchwork, so if you love this idea, it couldn’t be easier to steal it. Just customise the patchwork, send it out to friends and family to fund, then head to the RP to start your enquiries. Then all that’s left to do is strike a pose.

Baby Food Delivery

Lots of people use our site to organise baby-showers and new baby gifts and recently we’ve noticed a bit of a trend.

Food. Lots of it. On the doorstep.

So we asked three new mums why a food delivery, organised and paid for by friends, is such a special gift to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

Harriet and Rosa

Harriet’s friends used Patchwork to organise a hamper from her local deli, health food shop and bakery. Then added “a few of her favourite snacks, some champagne and extra tea bags for all the visitors”.

When Harriet’s husband found a huge hamper on the doorstep he was “surprised, delighted and, after a night of no sleep, very grateful for some fresh croissants and coffee”. Harriet says “I just felt really loved. It was like having a big hug from all my friends and exactly the help we really needed. Not only the most useful present we received but also the most heartwarming. At a time when you really need to eat well you don’t have the energy to think about meals so it was lovely to feel that our friends had thought of everything and were really taking care of us”.

Steph’s friends used our site to collect cash towards a week’s worth of readymade meals from Cook.

“We were having baby number three” says Steph. “We really didn’t need much in the way of clothes, toys and baby things so when my friends asked what they could do as a baby gift I suggested some readymade meals! I was half joking but I was so chuffed when our Cook delivery turned up. Having a new baby is exhausting but of course my other two children expected life to continue as normal. Having meals that were already prepared and required no cleaning up saved my sanity. It also meant I had more time to cuddle with my new baby and rest and recover after the birth. I thought it was such a great idea that I have used Patchwork to organise the same gift for a friend who’s about to have her second baby.”

Hetty’s friends used our cash gift list to organise a supermarket delivery the day she got home from hospital.

“The idea was just to have some really good comfort food and a few easy meals within reach” says the friend who organised it. “As Het has moved away, we couldn’t all pop around with supplies so we thought this was the next best thing.” Hetty says, “I barely remembered or had the time to cook for myself in the first week. So a supermarket delivery from a bunch of friends living 100 miles away was a godsend. So thoughtful and the most perfect baby gift.”

Although we all love buying cute booties and bibs, it’s practical and emotional support that our friends really need when a new baby arrives. And whether it’s a local hamper, a selection of home-made meals or essentials from the supermarket, we think a food delivery is a wonderful way to show your love and offer real support in those first few weeks.

Congratulations to Hetty, Steph and Harriet and welcome to the world Imogen, Jack and Rosa.

Check out our other Parent and Baby gift ideas here.

Akua’s Crowdfunded Tattoo

Akua decided to bypass surprise presents this year and instead ask her friends and family to chip in for something she really wanted. It was a big birthday after all, she was turning 40. If you can’t get what you want at 40, when can you? Akua didn’t want bath bombs, jewellery or vouchers, she wanted a tattoo. She told us all about it.

Tell us more about your patchwork?

When my 40th Birthday was approaching I knew I wanted to do something memorable, so I hosted a party and suggested a unique present that my friends and family could contribute to. A tattoo.

Why a tattoo?

I had always wanted one but up til now I’d done nothing to fulfill the dream. I found a great tattoo parlour in New Cross Gate who were fantastic in explaining what the process (I was a little nervous) and I booked the session. The design was no problem, as I had a very clear idea for this. Tattoos are so expressive. I felt this would be a wonderful way to include my friends & family in not only celebrating my birthday but me as well.


Why did you decide to organise a group gift?

The group gift meant that each contribution could be small. I divided the image of my tattoo putting a price to each letter. There were no massive expectations and no issues of affordability. Some friends surprised me by buying more than one letter.

What did your friends think?

When I created my patchwork I illustrated it with random graphics spelling out the words that would be in my tattoo, this made a design that was a little more out there than I had in mind! My friends and family enjoyed the novelty and there was even a bit of competition over the availability of letters. I stirred some curiosity and there were lots of comments about being brave as well as “Are you sure?”

Thank you for telling us all about your birthday present, Akua. If you’re brave enough to friend-fund your next tattoo, just customise our readymade tattoo patchwork here. Or get some inspiration for other great gifts by browsing our readymade patchworks here.

Patchwork Loves: Kennedy City Bicycles

We like bicycles. They’re fun, they’re planet-friendly, and they make a brilliant gift. Especially if you share the cost with friends. And we really like well made, reliable, beautifully designed bikes. That’s why we like Kennedy City Bicycles.

James builds each unisex bike in his Hackney studio, with a frame light enough to be carried up a few flights of stairs, in a small but perfectly chosen variety of colours and styles. You choose your frame colour, handlebar style, and leather, and then James will get to work – no fuss, just a simple, fantastic city bike.


If you think a Kennedy City Bicycle would make the perfect gift for a loved one, just customise this readymade bike patchwork, send it out to friends and family so that everyone can buy a piece – whether it’s a bell, a saddle, or a wheel, and once you’ve collected the funds you need, you can head to to place your order.

A Print for Georgia’s Dad

Georgia’s dad is not an easy person to buy for. And with a big birthday looming, Georgia really wanted to pull something special out of the bag. So when she happened upon the perfect present, and the perfect way to fund it, she was over the moon. We had a chat to her and her dad about his special gift.

Tell us about what you were celebrating?
My fabulous father was turning a large undisclosed number. In my humble opinion he is one of the most amazing people in the world, so I wanted to commemorate the event.

He has had such a profound and positive effect on so many people, so many people love him. So I knew there would be loads of people who, like me, wanted to do something special that would touch him. To show him the love.

I have made Dad cry through thoughtful gifts in the past. So that became my criteria.

But what do you buy the man that likes nothing more than Leica cameras, illicit substances & making inappropriate comments at inappropriate times? It was a tough brief so I started thinking early.

What did you decide to fund?
One day about 6 months before his birthday we were wandering through The Lanes in Brighton and Dad took me into a shop to show me a picture – an original print from the film of Withnail and I. It was immediately obvious that he should own it. It was strange and beautiful. Just like him. Art for the inappropriate old man. Who knew.

What was the best thing about doing a group gift?
Everything has more value when it comes from the many; full of love, effort and care. Surely that’s what giving a gift is really about. My Dad taught me that, so truly it was a no brainer to Patchwork a special gift for him.

Our friends and family couldn’t have been more pleased and as I said, he is impossible to thank properly and together we made him cry with love and joy. Winning.

Brilliant. And this is what Georgia’s dad, Doug, thought of his gift:
“We should all have art that enriches us and I’m rather picky about what I would have on my wall at home, as I do love minimal. I know that I am also a terrible person to have to buy for as I mostly buy what I really need, but just as often convince myself and others that it is mere consumerism and tell people we already have too much stuff in our lives.  Not an easy gift proposition. What Georgia knew is that when we saw this picture hanging, I told her that it really spoke to me and she bought it on that basis with the help of Patchwork Present. Maybe what she doesn’t know is the exact nature of the moment and why it is such a pleasure for it to be the last thing I see every morning before I leave home to face the world.

As Withnail is battered by the world and seems about to break, he finds his fight and yells into the Welsh Valleys at this exact moment captured….


Every element I need to be reminded of as I leave for the day – humour, resilience, and embracing the world however cold and unwelcoming it may appear at that moment.  I could never live with a motivational poster in my life but for me, this totally does the job.  I smile every day as I pass it, and the names of the people who gave it to me live on the back………  I’LL SHOW THE LOT OF YOU! I’M GONNA BE A STARRR!

Thanks to all those lovely friends and family who gave and Patchwork for making it happen, you’ll never know how many times I needed to see this as I leave to greet the world for another day.”


Thank you Georgia and Doug! We’re so happy to have been able to help with this perfect present.

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