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Patchwork Loves: SOON THE SUN + Giveaway!

Soon the Sun is a stylish new label designed for women who like to travel far and pack light. Their essential holiday collection is made up of versatile pieces that can be pulled straight out of your hand-luggage, ready-to-wear on the beach during the day, or out for dinner at sunset. We interviewed STS Founder Pusia Chatfield to find out more.

First up, for all the super stylish women using Patchwork as a honeymoon fund, why is Soon the Sun the perfect honeymoon collection?

So much organisation and thought goes into the big day that by the time the honeymoon comes around there isn’t much space left to plan for that “What am I going to wear?!” moment. So I think “Soon the Sun” is the perfect match for the busy bride because she cares how she looks and feels but hasn’t got much time or headspace left to worry about what she’s going to take on her honeymoon, or even start to think about packing it. It’s a capsule collection made up of eight garments that answer all your holiday needs.

Ok let’s back up, why did you start Soon the Sun?

The idea came to me when I was away on holiday. I’d packed for twin boys, aged eight months, myself and half-packed for my husband too. I realised after the holiday how little I had worn, I literally had only worn a few things – my staple favourite pieces that I had always taken on holiday, that were now threadbare but still very much loved. The rest had stayed in the suitcase. This was the starting point for Soon the Sun.

What’s your design process – how do you decide what makes it in the collection?

I guess I just looked at the things in my wardrobe that I had worn over and over. They were the same pieces that came on holiday with me every year and I think this is probably what everybody else does. We tend to buy new things to take on holiday but we don’t really need or want them. These pieces that I love so much were my perfect garments, they answered all of my needs whilst on a sandy beach or in a busy market. They are lightweight, not precious fabrics, just cheesecloth – so no need to iron, easy to dry, timeless, throw on pieces, to wear from beach to bar.

What’s the difference between style and fashion?

Style stands the test of time, it’s fashion but timeless. It’s about knowing what suits you and what makes you feel comfortable – if you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll look stylish, confident and sexy. Stylish garments are usually a combination of the right fabric, shape, fit and colour. These elements can transcend fashion trends and decades.

Your garments are all organic, using 100% natural fabrics and dyes. Why is this important to you?

I just feel there is a small but growing amount of women who are starting to think about where the things they wear (like make-up and face creams) are being produced. We worry about what we eat – we are concerned about where it’s from and how it’s produced. There’s a growing conscience. I think every new business should be concerned with the environment and aim to reduce their impact in whichever way we can.

I thought it was time we started thinking about garments, the clothes we wear on our skin. If you’re in a beautiful place then you want to feel close to nature – you’ll feel good that your garments have done as little damage to the planet as possible. Our garments are made in India with a fantastic small factory, which is a start, but we still have to ship them back here – so I’m not totally there yet.

Why should we all consider buying less and buying better?

We are taught that fashion is fast moving, and that you need to keep up with the trends. When in fact a good garment can stand the test of time and transcend eras. My favourite era was the 70s and lots of my garments have been inspired by that time. You know when you own a good piece and it comes out every year and you still love it and wish you could buy it again, that’s what Soon the Sun is about – relaxing in the knowledge that you can come back time and time again and your favourite style will be there so once you’ve loved it ’til it’s threadbare, you can come back to buy the same piece again. Not much will change except maybe a new colour. Buy what suits you and buy what you love. We encourage women to #wearlessmore. It’s much cooler.

Along with the entire STS collection what are your holiday essentials?

+ A good skin cream with 50+ factor – LA ROCHE-POSAY is excellent!
+ Sunglasses – two pairs, big ones and less over the top ones
+ No underwear, waste of packing space. Always in my swimwear anyway
+ A good read or two. Anything set in a warm climate. I love ‘My Family and Other Animals’ by Gerald Durrell
+ Maybe a “sexy book” (as my nan would say)
+ Lots of Coco de Mer
+ Good shawl for cold nights.

What songs are on your holiday playlist?

Oh man this is hard… Any Prince obvs…
Relax Your Mind – New Look (whole album) – For dreaming in the car on the way to the airport or on the beach
Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac – Driving in the car with the roof open, sunnies on, morning sun on your face, first day on the beach
Pennies from Heaven – Inner City – For dancing on the beach, reminiscent of raving days, hands in the air moment
And any jazz for when you’re home cooling off and having a chill with a glass of wine in your hand and salty snacks, looking out at the view (if you have one) or just looking at next door’s towels.


Thanks, Pusia! Is anyone else now desperate for a holiday? Well if you’re lucky enough to be off on your travels soon, you’re going to want to enter our Soon the Sun giveaway. Head to our Instagram page to be in with the chance of winning your favourite piece from the new collection. All you have to do is follow @patchwork_it and @soonthesun and comment on the post telling us which item from Soon the Sun you can’t live without before midnight on the 23rd June – good luck.

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Patchwork Loves: Turquoise Holidays

If you want to enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, far away from the crowds, look in to a tailor-made trip with Turquoise Holidays. We totally share their vision of luxury – which is all about space, privacy and style. Not to mention their obsession with detail – which means everything is planned to perfection. With Turquoise, everything is taken care of, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the journey.


If you need some ideas of where to head off to for your first adventure as a married couple, one of our Turquoise honeymoon patchworks is bound to be right for you, whether it’s Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia, Antigua & The British Virgin Isles, Malaysia & Borneo, Mauritius & Dubai, or island hopping around the Seychelles.


So if you’re tempted to book a Turquoise honeymoon, set up a Patchwork honeymoon fund by customising one of our readymade patchworks, send it out to friends and family to help fund it, then all that’s left to do is head over to Turquoise Holidays to book your dream trip.



Patchwork Loves: Babb Photo

If you don’t want a department store gift list and you’ve got your honeymoon booked, why not ask wedding guests to help pay for your photographer instead? Your friends and family can chip in towards one of the most important (and expensive) parts of your day, and you’ll be left with beautiful photographs to treasure forever.


For photos full of colour, life, and fun, try Patchwork favourite Babb Photo – a wedding photographer specialising in beautiful, alternative, creative wedding photography within London, around the UK & beyond.


Just customise our wedding photography patchwork, share it with your wedding guests to help fund, then book in with Babb.


Patchwork Loves: Kennedy City Bicycles

We like bicycles. They’re fun, they’re planet-friendly, and they make a brilliant gift. Especially if you share the cost with friends. And we really like well made, reliable, beautifully designed bikes. That’s why we like Kennedy City Bicycles.

James builds each unisex bike in his Hackney studio, with a frame light enough to be carried up a few flights of stairs, in a small but perfectly chosen variety of colours and styles. You choose your frame colour, handlebar style, and leather, and then James will get to work – no fuss, just a simple, fantastic city bike.


If you think a Kennedy City Bicycle would make the perfect gift for a loved one, just customise this readymade bike patchwork, send it out to friends and family so that everyone can buy a piece – whether it’s a bell, a saddle, or a wheel, and once you’ve collected the funds you need, you can head to to place your order.

Patchwork Loves: Black Tomato

Black Tomato Honeymoon Fund

If you’re looking for laid-back luxury but also dreaming of adventure, a tailor-made Black Tomato trip could be the answer. Especially if you’re tempted to split your honeymoon into two destinations, which we’re noticing a huge trend for. It makes sense – why go to just one place when, with some good planning and a little help from the experts, you can visit two. Whether you take the twin-centre approach or not, a Black Tomato trip perfectly combines pure pampering and unique experiences, creating a honeymoon that is truly once-in-a-lifetime.


We’ve created 6 readymade patchworks with Black Tomato, so if you’re looking for honeymoon inspiration, there’s a good chance one of them will take your fancy, whether it’s Japan, Indonesia, California & Bora Bora, Sri Lanka, Iceland, or Tanzania & Zanzibar.


So, if this has tempted you to book a Black Tomato honeymoon, set up a Patchwork honeymoon fund by customising one of our readymade patchworks, personalise it to make it your own, then send it out to friends and family to help fund it. Then all you need to do is head over to Black Tomato to book your dream trip.