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Chipping in for a gift: Otis got his bike

by Rosie Hurwitz
Example of a kids bike gift patchwork

Otis knew exactly what he wanted for his birthday this year – a proper pedal bike like his friend’s. The bike in question happened to be a little bit pricey, but luckily his mum knew exactly what to do.

Hannah got Otis to draw a picture of the bike he really wanted and sent it over to us to turn it into a patchwork. Then she invited friends and family to chip in to pay for it – piece by piece.

Before she published the patchwork, Hannah was a little bit nervous about how friends and family would respond to being asked for money. But she was happy to find the reaction was really positive:

“I was quite taken aback by how many of the parents told us what a fantastic idea they thought it was. They said what a relief it was, and how good it felt to contribute to something Otis really wanted.”

little boy riding a red bike birthday patchwork present from his friends

It was also a relief for Hannah:
“We live in a small London terrace, so I really didn’t want friends bringing more random gifts that Otis didn’t necessarily want just cluttering up the place. I’ve been to so many kids birthdays and hate buying things that I’m not sure the kid (or the parent) will like. It feels like such a waste. I also didn’t want parents to feel that they had to spend a certain amount, so I loved that people could contribute £2 for a bell upwards.”

The reaction from his little friends was just as positive. “The kids were all really excited when we unwrapped it and built it at his party. And when he rides to school, they all know which bit they bought.”

Everyone has really enjoyed watching Otis learn to ride and Otis loves his new bike.

“Otis really appreciates and understands that he got one big brilliant present from all the people he’s closest to. He didn’t ask for anything else or seem disappointed not to get lots of little things. He really loves & values his bike, and thanked everyone for helping him get it.”

Thanks for sharing this lovely story with us, Hannah. And Otis, we think you look pretty cool on your new bike.

If you’re inspired to organise a big gift for a loved one, you can customise one of our readymades here, or create your gift list from scratch.

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