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Chipping in for a Special Gift: Kittens!

by Rosie Hurwitz
A patchwork to fund two kittens

Bea and her family only wanted one thing for Christmas. Well, two. Two little kittens! Bea knew they would need a few things to prepare for the arrival of the furry family members, so they decided to make a patchwork and send it out to friends and relatives. The kids were more than happy to forgo a few presents in order to get everything the kittens would need.

From the food bowls to the toys, their friends and family chipped in and everyone bought a piece.

So, having collected all the money, Bea went out and bought the supplies ready to bring home the new kittens. Then the family went and picked up their new feline friends – Irrawaddy and Inle.

a patchwork gift of kittens

“When we did our Patchwork for two kittens we didn’t know what to expect (perhaps just two legs and a tail!), but it worked fantastically – and allowed everyone to spend their budget and us to have two beautiful kittens (complete, in case you were wondering!). We’ve changed how we do birthdays and Christmas for the children (and us). Never again will the kids have ten unwanted presents (each played with for an hour), but instead, one thing that is really wanted and is kept for years.”

Thanks Bea and family for sharing the story of your gorgeous kittens with us. Can we come over for cuddles?

Inspired by this patchwork story? Customise a special gift patchwork here.

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