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Colourful Party DIY Ideas

by Ismay Ozga
patchwork colourful party ideas

We love parties. We love birthday parties, hen parties, wedding parties, even ‘I’m having a party because I feel like it’ parties. Especially those parties. And when it comes to party decoration ideas, we’re all about colour. You can see evidence of our colour love over on our Instagram.
We think the best (and cheapest) way to decorate for a party is to get all of your friends involved and DIY-ing. DIY doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. In fact we prefer to DIT. Do It Together. Hey, you could even throw a ‘let’s make decorations for the party’ party.
We’ve chosen 4 colourful DIY party decoration ideas from around the web that we think would look great at any party.

colourful diy patchwork party decoration ideas

A clever party decorating idea for a centrepiece – if you don’t fancy having flowers on your table, try this instead.

colourful diy patchwork party decoration ideas

Hang this super colourful hanging vine garland over a focal point in the room – the cake table is a good idea.

colourful diy patchwork party decoration ideas

This DIY dipped newspaper garland is really unique and would look great at a baby shower. Get everyone to bring a paper and some paint, and get making.

colourful diy patchwork party decoration ideas

There’s very little DIY involved in this one, but hanging lots of colourful streamers across the ceiling in a big space will have a massive impact. All it takes is a little patience and lots of hands.
Party planning can be stressful, so delegating tasks and getting friends and family involved is a brilliant way of managing it all. If you’re planning a party and want to ask for help, just make a patchwork to show them what you need. Then they can help with the party decorating ideas, making the cake, planning the playlists, and whatever else it is that needs to be done. Send the link out and they can pledge to do their bit, and you can keep track of who’s doing what.

Get some inspiration from our readymade, customisable party patchworks. Or create your own from scratch.

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