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Create a Kid’s Christmas Wish List and Win £100

by Ismay Ozga
Four children dressed in Christmas outfits jumping in the air. A red box features the text #morelovelessstuff

This Christmas it’s predicted we’ll give each other 70 million unwanted gifts that will at best end up on eBay or in a charity shop, at worst in landfill. This is of course totally bonkers. It means that our families are wasting their time and money buying brand new stuff that we just don’t want or need. Bad for us and bad for the planet.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. With Patchwork your kids can share ideas for the gifts or experiences they really want so all the family can come together to make their Christmas wishes come true.

Mud Kitchen

It might be your little one would really love a new bike or a Mud Kitchen. With Patchwork ‘big ticket’ items become affordable because all the family can chip in towards them – and of course these are the sort of gifts that keep on giving all year around, that help kids get out in nature and bring everyone joy. You can use Patchwork to organise a group gift for anything. But if you’re stuck for ideas we’ve got lots of readymade templates to inspire you here.

Patchwork Give List

If you and your kids are trying to have an eco friendly Christmas and want to opt for an entirely zero-waste gift option check out our template for a Christmas Give List. It’s a way to ask family to gift their time and skills or gift pre-loved items rather than brand new stuff. You can be as creative as you like – asking family to take time to make something with the kids, bake something, take them out for a day trip, or even donate to a good cause.

Creating a patchwork with your child is a lovely experience in itself, a chance for them to share their feelings, their wishes and the things they care about. And it’s a great experience for grown ups too. Your kids get what they really want, your family don’t have to traipse around the shops, you end up with less stuff to deal with and the planet says thank you too.

Set up a Patchwork of your own or use one of our readymade templates to share your kid’s Christmas wishes and we’ll reward one lucky family with £100.

Terms of the competition

  • This competition runs from midday on 1st November to midnight on Friday 8th November 2019.
  • To enter the competition you must: follow Patchwork on Instagram, like the competition post and publish your child’s Christmas patchwork before midnight on Friday 8th November.
  • You need to allow us to contact you if you win.
  • You will receive emails directly relating to our service if you publish a patchwork or start to receive contributions.
  • And, finally, you need to read our privacy policy, please.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You will be notified by email no later than 5 days after the closing date of the promotion on 8th November 2019.
  • Your patchwork must be published in order for you to receive the £100 prize money.
  • We’re not planning to, but we do reserve the right to cancel or amend the promotion or these terms and conditions without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of our control. It all sounds very dramatic and you’d probably notice one of these events but we’ll let you know if/when anything changes.

If you have any questions, we can be found here: hello@patchworkit.com

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