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Patchwork Couple: USA Cycling Adventure Honeymoon

by Ismay Ozga

Keen cyclists Leroy and Chris have been together for six years and have had plenty of adventures in that time. Chris proposed to Leroy during a cycling tour of Rajasthan – they were on the steps of the Taj Lake overlooking Jag Mandir Palace (where Octopussy from James Bond was filmed!) and Leroy said ‘yes!’. The couple decided to use Patchwork to fund their next big trip. We asked Chris all about it.

What kind of wedding did you plan?

Patchwork couple Chris and Leroy, LGBTQ wedding, honeymoon fund

We chose a local venue near to where we live in Whitechapel called the Ecology Pavilion – it’s an amazing venue set right in the heart of the east end of London, but surrounded by water and wildlife. We had our wedding ceremony there and then a reception for about 150 people.

Did you have a first dance?

No, we decided not to do a first dance, but once I’d wiped the tears of joy away we hugged and kissed!

What was your favourite part of the day?

Patchwork couple Chris and Leroy, LGBTQ wedding, honeymoon fund
Exchanging our rings!

What made you choose Patchwork for your honeymoon fund?

We have always wanted a cycling adventure to Mardi Gras through the southern states of America and Patchwork enabled us to do so. Our guests could see how crazy we were to do this in mid-winter, on a tandem! And they could fund all aspects of our trip.

What did you decide to fund?

Everything we wanted to do on our cycling trip. We even added the kennel costs for our two dogs and that was probably the most popular! We included everything from staying in motels to Mardi Gras costumes, huge American Breakfasts and bicycle repairs. It was fantastic to be able to fund exactly what we needed with no hassle and no stress.

How did you feel setting off on your honeymoon cycling adventure?

Patchwork couple Chris and Leroy, LGBTQ wedding, honeymoon fund

Amazing – everyone who had contributed also followed our cycling trip with all of the adventures knowing they had made them happen. Though of course they all asked why we wanted to cycle 700 miles for fun, let alone for a honeymoon!

And finally if/why you’d recommend your cycling trip to other couples?

Travelling by tandem through places that have hardly ever seen a bicycle, let alone a dual heritage, same-sex married couple was always going to be a once in a lifetime experience – especially when your trip is featured as the lead news article on Mardi Gras across the USA!

Thank you Chris & Leroy for sharing your patchwork story with us. And a big congratulations from Team Patchwork.

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