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Five Unique Ways to Mark a Postponed Wedding Day

by Ismay Ozga
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If your plans are a little bit up in the air right now and this bloomin’ pandemic means you’re facing a postponed wedding day – we feel for you. And we think it’s a great idea to turn your original wedding date from what could be a sad day into a gorgeous celebration of your love. Why not cheer yourselves up with one of our ideas to mark your would-be wedding day? From zoom ceremonies and discos, audio guest books to un-wedding cakes and cute card games, there are all sorts of ways to turn your day around. 

Cards on the Table – the perfect game for nearly-weds

patchwork card game postponed wedding

We designed a brand new card game as a cute little activity for your would-be wedding day. From questions on first impressions to essential hangover cures and where you want to live when you’re old and grey, it’s a lovely way for you to take time out, learn something new about each other and have a lot of fun too.

Our founder Olivia Knight came up with the idea: “Planning a wedding is such an intense experience in itself and facing a postponed wedding day has been heartbreaking for so many couples. So we wanted to do something that would mark the occasion and at the same time remind couples what really matters – which is their love for each other! A game of questions and reveals, it’s a chance for couples to sit down with a bottle of wine and discover new things about each other. It’s amazing to hear from couples about the insights and conversations that the cards are inspiring!”

Edible Piñata – a smashing idea for an ‘unwedding’ cake

gingerbread maid pinata postponed wedding

Specialist biscuit bakery Maid of Gingerbread has designed a smashing showstopper for couples who are looking to mark a would-be wedding day in a fun, original and delightfully anarchistic way – with a fully edible gingerbread piñata. 

Founder Emily Garland says: “Imagine setting your phone to slo-mo, grabbing the mallet, starting a countdown with your guests via Zoom, then boom! A really memorable moment of pure joy and celebration that everyone can be part of. And the great thing is that you can then share the love by sending out shards of biscuit and sweet treats to all your friends and family to enjoy with a cuppa while everyone looks forward to the future celebrations together.” 

A super fun, sweet celebratory way to mark the occasion and give guests a flavour of what’s to come. Order here.

Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet – bringing disco to your living room

Perfect for couples who love disco and LOVE to dance – Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet’s virtual disco will shake any blues away. Plus you get to see all of your friends’ happy dancing faces – just as you would’ve done on your big day. Think of it as a practise disco.

Founder Nikki Spencer says “We offer virtual dance classes & parties and people have joined our events from all around the country & the globe. Dancing is a wonderful way to put a smile on everyone’s faces & bring everyone together even if we can’t all be together in real life. Our Haven’t Stopped Dancing dancers are great at getting everyone up and boogying and if you have a favourite song we can even choreograph a special dance routine for everyone to follow.”

Virtual Audio Guest Book – feel love from a distance

big red box postponed wedding

One for the Wedding Crews or a Friend of Honour out there wanting to do something joyful and positive for a couple who have had to postpone their 2020 wedding. Friends and family can contribute towards this gift to make a postponed wedding day as full of love & mischief as the real thing. The Big Red Box will deliver a virtual audio guest book full of voicemail messages from would-be wedding guests via a link to a webpage made especially for them – they can log on and listen, wherever they are.

Founder Rebecca Uttley says: “As The Big Red Box can’t make it to any weddings this year, we’re going online! It’s so special to be able to hear the voices of loved ones sending messages. An audio guest book is such a unique way to express congratulations, share love & reminisce.”

‘We Still Do’ ceremony – thanks to Zoom, love is not cancelled

zena birch postponed wedding

Wedding celebrant Zena Birch created her first  ‘We Still Do’ ceremony for Paula, Loc and their two children as a way to mark their would-be wedding date with 60 guests via Zoom. Zena is now offering the service to other couples.

Zena says: “Together we invented a new ritual which included placing the couple’s wedding rings in a jar and covering them with coloured rice so that the children could still be the ‘ring bearers’ and keep them safe until we use them in the proper ceremony next year. Public declarations are important and so are witnesses, which is why everyone was invited to be part of the ceremony.”

Zena pronounced Paula and Loc ’not quite, but almost’ married to a cacophony of popping corks, applause and confetti. And together the family now begin the countdown to their new wedding date when everyone will meet in the real world. 

It’s a postponed wedding, it’s still there to look forward to

So, our advice: don’t be too down in the dumps.

Keep on dreaming and take a look at our Patchwork honeymoon funds or Patchwork gift registry for something a little different!

And be sure to cheer each other up on your postponed wedding day and keep planning for what will eventually be the BEST DAY EVER.

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