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Funding a Birthday Present: Liv’s Birthday Bag

by Rosie Hurwitz
bright colourful satchels

Our site’s getting pretty busy these days. Which means our founder Liv can’t personally see each and every patchwork being made anymore. Which is lucky because last week her husband used our site to organise a surprise gift for her birthday.

“I was pretty happy with the flowers and perfume that my husband had bought for me. And the cards from the kids. But when I saw the patchwork I have to say I went a bit bonkers. I’ve been wanting a Barbara Wiggins bag for ages, but having just started my own business I can’t afford to treat myself so much these days. So it was really amazing to see my that my friends and family had all chipped in to buy me this gift.”

A group funded birthday bag with Patchwork

“Barbara’s studio was amazing. With so many coloured bags on the shelves it felt like being in a sweet shop but better. I chose a bright blue satchel and I absolutely LOVE it!”

“It’s pretty much been the best present ever. The one thing I really want, funded by friends I love and made possible by the site I built.”

You’ll know if you meet Liv in Brockley. She’s the one with the bright blue satchel and the huge smile on her face.

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