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Funding a Family Honeymoon

by Rosie Hurwitz
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As soon as Emily and Ed announced their wedding friends and family started to ask what gifts they could buy them to celebrate. After thinking about it for a while they decided the one thing they really wanted was to take their three year old twins away on their first ever holiday.

‘We were thrilled to find Patchwork’ says Emily. ‘It made the tricky question of talking about money much easier and it also gave us the opportunity to share our plans with everyone’.

Looking through our readymade patchworks, Emily couldn’t find an example of the very specific ‘familymoon’ that her and Ed had in mind so she got in touch to ask if we could help. ‘With work, twins and a wedding to plan I didn’t have the time to create my own patchwork from scratch so I told the team at Patchwork about the trip to a Spanish farm that we were planning and they put together a beautiful patchwork of images for me – for free! We then had fun having a little tweak and adding in a picture of the kids and some other bits to make it absolutely perfect.’

Patchwork Familymoon Fund Spain

Emily says she was delighted to find that “within days of publishing our patchwork an international cast of loved ones were buying us all of the ingredients that we needed to make our trip come to life’.

Everyone said how much they loved reading Emily and Ed’s words and choosing presents that were so personal – from little suitcases for the kids to holiday reading for the grown-ups. Emily told us, ‘It was amazing and such a huge treat to go away all together for the first time. Especially knowing that friends and family had made it happen. Every beer, ice cream and night in our hotel was a gift and that made the time away feel even more special.”

We know we’re supposed to act professional and not confess how much we LOVE the people who use our site. But with couples like Emily and Ed we really can’t help it. Luckily it seems the feeling’s mutual:
‘Patchwork does a rare thing which is to fulfil a need with a user-friendly service that really works, and to do it with warmth and style. We’re so grateful to all our glorious gift-givers for our brilliant little adventure and to Patchwork for making getting there such fun.’

Cheers for sharing, Emily and Ed.

Has this story inspired you to make your own patchwork? Customise one of our readymades here, or create your own from scratch.

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