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Funding Gap Year Travel

by Ismay Ozga
gap year travel patchwork

More and more people are using Patchwork to fund their gap year. Whether it’s volunteering, backpacking, or going on search of the world’s best beaches, exciting plans are being made.

Holly Chaplain from Bristol has just started funding her gap year travel.

“I’m planning on doing at least 6 months of travel after I’ve graduated from University, and I’m currently really interested in the GVI’s volunteer project in Thailand.”

Holly’s really passionate about animal conservation, so that’s what’s driving her plans – as well as wanting to see more of the big wide world!

As for why she decided to use Patchwork to help fund her gap year, she says, “it’s a way to show all my family and friends the kind of things I want to do with my time away, and get them really involved – it’s a straight-forward and easy to use way to fund my travels.”

Gap year in Asia Patchwork fund

Bethany Innes has just celebrated her 21st birthday, and she says she knew exactly what to ask her friends and family for.

“I’m planning on going to Australia to work for a year – but first stopping off in Japan (where I’ve just landed!), Hong Kong, Fiji and New Zealand – which as you can imagine can be pretty expensive – so all I wanted was money for my birthday to help with my savings. However being 21 my family and friends wanted to give me gifts rather than money, but with just a backpack I was afraid I would be leaving the gifts behind.”

Bethany says Patchwork solved that problem for her.

“Patchwork has allowed me to give them the opportunity to choose a gift such as an activity during my travels maybe ‘A day in Tokyo’ or  towards my ‘Meal in a restaurant’ or a ‘cocktail on the beach’ – it allows them to give a gift whilst also helping me fund my trip!”

Patchwork Gap Year Fund, Australia

If this has inspired you to make your own gap year patchwork just customise one of our readymades or create one from scratch.

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