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Gift for New Parents: Newborn Photo shoot

by Rosie Hurwitz
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Vicki loved being pregnant. She really enjoyed watching her bump grow, as did her partner Ralph who photographed it getting bigger every week.
As a photographer Ralph wanted to document the whole experience and so took pictures of the booties, vests and bottles that they bought ready for baby’s arrival. Being super organised Vicki and Ralph pretty much had everything they needed by the time their little boy came along. The only thing they really wanted when it came to gifts was a way to capture their new-born experience together.

Vicki wanted a session with photographer so that Ralph could be in front of the camera for a change and so that an experienced baby photographer could capture the preciousness of those early fuzzy days together before normal life kicked in.

So instead of bringing baby gifts, friends and family used Patchwork to contribute towards a studio session with photographer Martina Bee. And with everyone choosing to buy a particular shot or pay for a print the entire shoot was paid for – capturing a very special day and creating memories that will last forever.

fund a newborn photo shoot gifts for new parents

Welcome to the world baby Henry. And thanks for sharing, Vicki and Ralph.

If this post has inspired you to make your own baby patchwork, you can customise one of our examples or create one from scratch.

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