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Gift for Teens: Special Shopping Trip

by Rosie Hurwitz
girl enjoying ice-cream shopping trip patchwork birthday gift for teens

Annie recently moved with her family from England to Mauritius and a couple of weeks ago she celebrated her 12th birthday. Last year Annie’s family came to visit on a cold winter’s day with wooly jumpers and scarfs as gifts. This year, living far away on a tropical island meant things were a little different.

As usual Annie made a birthday wishlist. But her Mum realised that asking family to buy and send the things she wanted was going to be difficult.  Firstly none of the summer clothes and shoes that Annie wanted were in the shops in England in November. But even the little things that were available, like hairbands and nail varnish, although only a few pounds to buy, were going to cost three times as much to post. So Annie’s mum had an idea.

Patchwork Shopping Fund

Making a patchwork meant Annie’s mum could take her out for a birthday shopping trip in Mauritus and invite friends and family in the UK to be part of the day too.

With friends and family choosing which part of the trip they wanted to treat her to, Annie and her mum spent a happy few hours shopping and stopping for ice-cream. And then at the end of the day, Annie emailed photos to show what she had bought and to say thank you for all her gifts. A great way for everyone in England to share in the far-away fun and see how Annie enjoyed the day that they had all helped to make happen!

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