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The Give List: Gifts that support good causes.

by Ismay Ozga

This Cyber Monday, to counteract all of the noise online, we thought we’d highlight some of the wonderful things you can do that make a real impact offline this Christmas. One of the reasons our Give List concept is so wonderful, if we do say so ourselves, is because you can ask people to donate to causes close to your heart in lieu of a traditional Christmas present; you still get the warmth and the joy of the giving, but you get the added bonus of knowing you’ve helped people and the planet too. Here’s some of our favourite organisations doing amazing things for Christmas on- and offline – which will you add to your Give List?

Choose Love Shop

Choose Love gifts for refugees

Choose Love have opened their London, LA and New York stores again for another year of gifting to refugees in desperate need. They’ve flipped the concept of donating on its head, because when you purchase something in their shop, you don’t take it home – instead, a refugee gets a duplicate of what you bought. And if you can’t make it to the shop, you can buy something online. Choose Love will send you a downloadable gift card so you can show the recipient the gift you’ve bought a refugee in their name. You can buy items that help refugees on the move, those in shelters and people who have found safe accommodation.

Plant a tree with the Woodland Trust

Why not buy a tree from the Woodland Trust and help the Big Climate Fight Back? You can either physically buy a tree as a gift and then have the double joy of making some time to plant it with a loved one. You can watch their handy guide on their IGTV as to planting. Or you can donate to the Woodland Trust so they can plant a tree on your behalf. A membership of the Woodland Trust also makes a lovely gift because you not only get to support their work but you also get to discover and explore nearby woodlands all year around – learning more about nature with their wonderful guides.

Donate food to Trussell Trust food banks

Food banks are bracing themselves for their busiest December on record, so why not donate some food to your local drop off point? The Trussell Trust’s food parcels typically include non-perishable, tinned items such as cereal, soup, pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes/pasta sauce, pulses, tinned meat/veg/fruit, tea/coffee, biscuits, UHT milk and fruit juice. Many food banks also take toiletries and hygiene products, to help those in crisis maintain their dignity. Find your local food bank here.

Adopt an animal from the WWF

The WWF give you the option to adopt an endangered animal from as little as £3 a month. Whether it’s a giant panda, a penguin, or an amur leopard you feel the most spiritual affinity with, you can help support their excellent work in preserving these majestic creatures.

Set up your Patchwork Give List

With a Patchwork Givelist you can ask friends and family to gift you their time, share their skills or fund experiences, personal projects and good causes. So if you want to support these amazing organisations (or any others) just include them when you set up your Givelist. It’s easy to get started. Just use this template and personalise the details to make it your own. Then just share your page with your family so, together, you can all do good and feel good this Christmas.

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