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Help with New Baby Essentials for First Time Parents

by Rosie Hurwitz
Wicker new baby crib

Alice and Angus were expecting their first baby and knew that friends and family would want to shower them with new baby gifts – who doesn’t love shopping for tiny clothes? However, living in a London flat meant that space was precious. Rather than risk getting bought duplicates of items that weren’t really needed, they put together a baby ‘wish list’ with all the new baby gifts that they’d need for baby’s first year. Then they set up a baby gift page with Patchwork, showing friends some of the things they’d love, at a wide range of price points to suit all budgets. This meant that everyone could contribute in an easy, secure and fun way, and the new parents received money towards baby essentials that were really wanted and appreciated. From a car seat to a baby bouncer, everything was covered!

Tell us a bit about your new arrival!

We had our first baby Sienna, in 2018; the first couple to have a baby in our friendship group. We celebrated with a massive baby shower a week before she was due, with 100 people who all contributed to our Patchwork. Subsequently she was born the next day by c-section. Advice to new mums, don’t have a baby shower at 39 weeks!

Doing up the Nursery New Baby Patchwork readymade template in iPad

What made you choose to use Patchwork for your baby gift registry?

My friend used it for their wedding gifts and I thought it was a great idea. We are young parents so the idea of getting exactly what you want without having to buy it yourself was great!

Toddler at nursery looking out of window

How did Patchwork help you as new parents?

The support we got for the first few months through patchwork was invaluable. It was great as we had a sum of money we could use to buy what we wanted for our baby. We also didn’t have to use the money straight away. It lasted for the first 6 months for anything we needed. Our friends and family all loved it too! Super easy to use and happy they were buying us what we wanted! The customer support was great too when I had a few questions.

Would you recommend Patchwork to other new parents?

I would recommend using it if you’re a first time family living in London with not much space. When you have a baby EVERYONE wants to buy you something! It’s so lovely but it means that your tiny flat gets even smaller! It’s nice to be able to stagger the purchases so you don’t have too much at one time.

Patchwork Kids: Toddler walking on pavement next to pram

And how is life with a busy toddler?

Sienna is now at nursery in Stockholm. We moved here just before Corona hit. We have great adventures in her pram everyday! Her pram, cot, Moses basket, newborn clothes and toys were all bought using Patchwork. Also some of her bedroom furniture. We still have all of those things and we use them all the time.


Thank you so much Alice and Angus for sharing your story with us, and we wish you many more happy days exploring Stockholm with Sienna!

If you’d like to set up a new baby gift page, for yourself, or a friend, we have lots of beautiful, easy to customise templates for you to use, or you can create your own page from scratch.

From baby shower ideas to celebrating birthdays, Patchwork can help make family milestones fun, personal, and inclusive for your friends and family. And practical and waste-free for you!

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